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Choosing a Phone Case That Matches Your Personality

by S1m

There are times when I really wish I could whizz my phone across the room… it wouldn’t make any difference though, nothing would happen. My Samsung S5 has been sporting a Tech21 Impactology tough case since day 1 and despite my phone having countless encounters with the floor, is still in pristine condition… as is the case!

Having previously used a Tech21 case on my previous Samsung S3, I know that the cases are pretty indestructible. Unlike pretty, sparkly, glittery plastic case I have had in the past that have provided no protection at all, but certainly looking the bling bling part.

Tech21 have devised a cool flow chart that matches your personality with a phone case… as expected I am better off sticking with a tough case that can stand moments of frustration every so often! Check out the flow chart below to see which case best suits your personality!

I am eagerly awaiting my impending phone upgrade and will be plumping for the new Samsung S7. A total creature of habit I am excited about the latest features, including an updated camera with a low light feature. The quality of images on the S5 has been the biggest bug bear of the phone and has meant some moments over the past 18 months have been slightly blurry. Which when you are a blogger isn’t particularly great!

I have considered the iPhone and fortunately Tech21 do have the same iPhone 6 cases as they do for Android phones. However I am absolutely useless with Apple technology, although having FaceTime readily available will be handy on occasion. Clearly there is a difference in the size of the phones, with Samsung phones being slightly larger than iPhones. Gah, I am a tad undecided, as always and will make up my mind nearer the time… though with rumours that the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack has put me off… how will I listen to my running playlist? Right, sorted then… the S7 it is!

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