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15 Gardening Hacks That Will Help Transform Your Garden

by S1m
Gardening Hacks

Do you always plan to give your garden that much needed makeover, or maybe you desperately want to join the green fingered crew? The folks at Ecoscape have decided to lend a hand and offer those of us that fail when it comes to gardening, a few quick and easy tips for the perfect garden. These gardening hacks will help your vegetables to flourish and your flowers to bloom, so why not give them a go and see if you can become a gardening master.

Considering I just leave my own garden to it these days – think jungle style garden – I really should make note of the gardening hacks myself and put them to good use! With Spring on the horizon, I say the horizon as apparently we did have snow this morning, everyone wants to tidy up their gardens, mow the lawns and generally have a pretty space to look at when the sun is shining.

Repelling slugs with a pot of beer is a tip I have grown up with, thanks to my Grandfather who was an avid gardener. Alas, I still do not have a garden that rivals his! I do quite like the idea of starting my own compost and as tip number 9 shows, it is quite easy to start with old fruit and veg which are still high in nutrients. You will actually need to build a compost enclosure, but it will certainly be a benefit to your garden.

Care for seeds by providing their own little greenhouse with a plastic bottle cut in half – tip number 15 suggests you can also use this tip with herbs. Such a simple gardening hack that is also fun to do with children in order to engage them with how much fun gardening actually is. If you are interested in the other tips, check out this handy gardening hacks infographic!

Click to enlarge the gardening hacks

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Eat Like You Love Yourself March 31, 2016 - 8:27 am

Some great tips. Slugs aren’t repelled by beer though, they love it but then fall in and drown (allegedly). To be honest though your other tip on egg shells also works if you sprinkle them (or gravel) around tender plants because slugs and snails don’t like slithering over them.

Jenny @ thebrickcastle April 5, 2016 - 2:36 pm

Your garden is so not a mess! It’s certainly not a jungle 😀

S1m April 6, 2016 - 11:24 am

You only see the front garden love! I need to go out with a strimmer before I attempt to mow the back lawn… just need it to stop raining first!


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