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Heck Chicken Italia Range – Slimming World Friendly Food

by S1m

Having previously enjoyed the Heck Chicken Italia range, including Chicken Balls that we cooked with pasta and Chicken Italia Sausage butties, Mini Me and I were recently able to experiment again, when a lovely package of Heck food arrived. The range is gluten free and low in fat, perfect for me to crack on with my healthy eating!

Heck Chicken Italia Range – Slimming World Friendly Food

Heck Chicken Italia Range


With a calorie content of 121Kcal for a grilled Heck Italia Chicken Burger, it was lovely to enjoy this flavoursome burger on a baked ciabatta, with a leafy salad and a huge dollop of light mayonnaise. Chicken burgers are a favourite and it was great to munch on a guilt free lunch that really packed a punch for the rest of the day. Made with 85% chicken, alongside basil, tomatoes and mozzarella, the burgers are seriously tasty and easy to experiment with if you choose not to have it with bread.


I have not actually been eating sausages as an actual meal recently and cannot even recall the last time I had Bangers and Mash! Instead, Mini Me and I have been making our own sausage rolls at the weekends as a hot snacky treat, that are easy to make together.

Knowing that we had several varieties of the Heck Sausages in our freezer, we recently made sausage rolls with the Smoky Paprika Chicken Heck sausages. With 10 sausages in a pack, there was a lot of sausage meat once the skins had been slit and emptied and we cracked on with making the spicy sausage rolls. The sausages do have a very strong fragrance as well as flavour – if you like a little spice, then these are for you! I delivered some to friends who absolutely loved them. A definite winner and easy to make with pre-rolled puff pastry and covered in egg before placing in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees until the meat is cooked and the pastry a golden brown colour.


Sausage rolls made with the Heck Chicken Italia Sausages.

The sausages are great to include in pasta dishes and I am really looking forward to trying the Zesty Chicken Italia Sausages with a salad, when the weather is slightly warmer! The range is great to freeze and if you are on the Slimming World diet, you will be pleased to know that the Chicken Italia range has a very low syn count! Lose weight and still eat super yummy food, packed full of flavour!

The Heck range can be found in the refrigerated sections of supermarkets and food stockists.

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