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Don’t Use Skates With Hands In Your Pockets

by S1m

It is inevitable that Mini Me is going to trip over, fall and hurt herself. She is a child who shows no fear and is forever running around. Cries of ‘Stop running’ fall on deaf ears and when they don’t I am faced with the question of ‘Why do you run the Mummy?’.

I am never going to win!

Although I may have had a slight breakthrough last weekend when Mini Me, having had her hands in her pockets, decided to face plant the walking path we were on with the dog. All because she was on her Heelys, went down on her knees and because her hands were in her pockets, the bruise on her cheek was inevitable.

Moments after the incident!

I ended up sounding like my Mother by using the phrase we all hate to hear ourselves… ‘I told you so!’.

Thinking I was onto a winner, I was wrong! With friends who have been skating around our close on roller skates, Mini Me now has her eye on skates which worries me somewhat, especially if she keeps her hands in her pockets!

Checking out Proline Skates was slightly daunting, considering there is no chance Mini Me would be able to balance on skates properly from the outset. However there is so much padding available… lots of it for body parts that could easily be knocked or banged. This reassures me slightly, I know you cannot wrap children up in cotton wool for the rest of their lives, however it would be great if Mini Me wasn’t wandering round with a face of bruises all the time!

With a local roller skating rink, it may well be wise to take Mini Me there for a few taster sessions before I allow her to skate freely around on her own. No matter how old our babies are, we will always want to keep them wrapped up, but whilst Mini Me and her friends are whizzing round like The Goonies, I have no chance!

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