Tips For Backpacking Around The World

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If  you have decided to start a new adventure travelling around the world, meeting new people, seeing awesome landscapes, enjoying the time of your life, you need to be ready for anything. When you travel with a budget, backpacking is the best option for you. Here are three tips for making your backpacking journey one of the best experiences in your life.

Tips For Backpacking Around The World


For having a successful trip it’s necessary to plan and organise everything. It will be easier to have a full time experience without missing anything. After you choose the next destination, it’s necessary to take a look at the flights (date and time), accommodations, transportation, food, etc. Everything will need to be written down, without exceptions. Then you can analyse the best activities, price deals and choices for you;  you will pick up the ones that fit on your budget and drop what doesn’t. If you see on your schedule some free time, save them to do extra activities.



When you travel everything is about weight, so it’s important for you to know exactly what is inside of your backpack. You have your entire schedule for the trip ready, now you will need to choose the clothes perfect for those activities. Walking is one of the most common things, so you might search for the best shoes to make your walks easy and comfortable. Since you’re backpacking, limit your footwear to what you have on your feet. You don’t want to take up valuable space in your pack with unnecessary footwear.

A big suitcase needed when you fund your adventures


Nowadays everything in this world is social media. Search around the internet for the best apps to use on your trip. On the list might be maps, transportation routes, restaurants, accommodation, money exchange, tours and events in the city. These apps are going to be tools for making a good experience. Don’t forget to have some apps for an emergency as well. It is nice to feel safe and be alert in case you need to. Also check out some games or music, it’s cool to have something to do while you are travelling.

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