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My Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

by S1m
Summer Wishlist

Compiling a shopping wishlist is always hard as I do actually want everything that I see. It’s so easy to fall in love with a gorgeous, floaty summer dress or a pair of sparkly sandals but so hard to click off the page and not buy them.

In fact, I was so enamoured with a gadget I saw on a shopping channel yesterday, I nearly ended up with a Core Workout machine in my house. Well, I have to start my home gym somewhere I suppose and I am still considering this purchase!

With weight loss comes the need for a new wardrobe and what better time to fill it than during the summer months. I love a dress sale more than anything and there are some fantastic bargains to be had at the moment as we move through the seasons. This gorgeous French Connection dress stood out immediately, totally my style and something I would definitely wear for a night out with the girls.

When dolling oneself up in a stunning French Connection number, then you must have coordinating shoes too, this is one of life’s unwritten rules! Moving into shoe and accessory territory is always dangerous though, but there has to be something said about a Kurt Geiger sale!

Summer Wishlist

Just look at these glorious heels! They would totally make that outfit and with a heel height of 4.5 inches would certainly make me a towering presence at over 6ft. I’m not entirely sure how wise that would be considering my previous experience of exiting a taxi. Best stay with heels of a lower height for now.

The advantages of being tall are that you never struggle to be spotted in a crowd, but it does make wearing heels slightly less fun than it should be. So, for now, I will continue on my crusade of matching outfits that I would love to own and wear and creating a wishlist until I can have a guilt free shopping splurge!

Have you already started arranging your Summer wardrobe?

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