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Learning The Value Of Money… And The Ice Cream Van

by S1m
Value of money

If I hear that damn ice-cream one more time, I may actually scream!

The tinkle of the oh so familiar tune makes me dread what is coming next… the sound reminiscent of a herd of elephants charging down the stairs, as Mini Me squeals in delight and promptly asks for (another) pound to buy an ice-cream.

Her foot stomping and mutterings when I refuse have already given me an insight into how teenage tantrums will come about in our house. No doubt the tantrums will be over something slightly more expensive than an ice-cream in time… this I am not looking forward to!

Value of money

Trying to instil the value of money into a child who sees the postman as Father Christmas is always going to be an uphill battle. There have been many conversations in our house about having to work hard to achieve what you want and that nothing in life is free.

icount have recently conducted a survey of 1000 parents to find out when and how they think you should start teaching your child about the value of money. Clearly earning pocket money by completing tasks such as tidying their bedroom and keeping their toys tidy is a great way to instil a work and earn ethic early on.

value of money


Over 40% of parents who participated in the survey think children should be taught the value of money between the ages of 5-7 and I am inclined to agree. Visits from the tooth fairy and pocket money can see money adding up, which will no doubt be spent on Shopkins on the next trip to Smyths toy shop.

I am such a soft touch though and will no doubt open my own purse, however saving money to shape her future is something I want Mini Me to understand.

So until the day when Mini Me can spoil me with her earnings, she can earn money from tidying her bedroom and feast on Aldi ice lollies, hopefully tantrum free!

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