Weight Loss Wednesday Linky: Happy Hump Day!

Welcome to the Weight Loss Wednesday linky!

Back again after a lovely much needed break last week that has totally recharged the batteries and I am owning this week in style!

The weekend passed in style, with a Eurovision party that included alcohol and highly calorific food. The weekend was out. I did not care. I had fun, I needed it and it was great to not worry, knowing full well things would be different come Monday morning.

Monday morning started will all the vigour of someone who was owning this week no matter what and the day continued with ridiculously positive vibes.

Everything was going swimmingly well on day 2 of the New You Plan, until I received a message from a friend regarding awesome news we have all been waiting to here. Followed by ‘Fancy eating dinner out?’

How could a lady refuse such an offer? Celebrating with friends is priceless and there is always tomorrow… which incidentally is today!

It was wonderful to celebrate last night, but today I am still continuing with the positive vibe I started the week with and am cracking on with day 1 part deux… and the rather delicious banana shakes! Maintaining seems to be going ok, but I’m still not entirely where I wish to be. So for that, I shall keep going!

Weight Loss Wednesday Linky

Delicious New You Banana Shake

Mini Me and I have several restaurant visits planned for the half term holidays and with that in the back of my mind, I am giving this week a damn good go!

The reason for the break was due to being back on tablets as the tonsillitis still has not been fully shaken off. The doctor was quite interested in the New You Plan diet, even scrutinising one of the bars that I had lurking in my bag. The advice was to take a few days off and so I did.

However, the weather is getting warmer, I can no longer rock jumpers anymore and I want to get out there and flounce in lovely summer dresses. I may need some sun on my pasty white legs yet, but I do want to be in the position where I can decide to wear a dress.

So what’s keeping you going this week? Feel free to join in with the linky and keep us updated on your progress!

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    • S1m says:

      Gah, it’s been a long stretch – you would think that by losing weight you would be healthier! Hope you are having a good week love!xx

    • S1m says:

      I was fine for all of a week and then it hit me again 🙁 It’s hard to maintain the motivation when you aren’t feeling 100% but back on it now! Hope you are well chick!xx

  1. Pempi says:

    Hi Sim – hope you feel better soon and celebrating with friends is what life is about 🙂 The linky appears closed for some reason so I am leaving my weightloss post link here 🙂

    • S1m says:

      Hi Pempi, hope you are well lovely! Going to check out your post now lovely, no idea why it was closed, however the new linky is open now! 🙂 xxx

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