Friday Fit Bit – Brock O’Hurn

Friday Fit Bit – Brock O’Hurn

Yes, it really is that time of the week you have all been waiting for since last week’s Friday Fit Bit

Go on… Admit it! This week, I have chosen an absolute corker in the form of a very Viking-esque male model!

There is something deliciously naughty about gawking at pictures of ridiculously hot and manly men… on a Friday. For you anyway, my joy starts on a Thursday when I need to start trawling the Internet and have a legitimate reason to simply stare at men all day long.

I am sure you are going to gather whether I have had a good week or a bad week depending on the type of guy featured.

So tell me… do you reckon this week has been good?

This guy is well known on the modelling scene already and has an Instagram following I can only ever dream of.

Please allow me to introduce this week’s #FridayFitBit… Brock O’Hurn. (Check out the Christmas #FridayFitBit featuring the hunk here!)

What is there to know about Brock O’Hurn the male model?

Can you actually believe this guy became famous simply because he uploaded a video of him manipulating his luscious long locks into a bun? I kid you not, that seriously is the power of social media and the Internet as a whole. Watch the video here.

Well, there is slightly more to it than that… Brock O’Hurn is the ultimate hunk! Standing at an eye-watering 6ft 7″, the guy is a hulk of a man… admit it, you would be happy if he scooped you up and cwtched you!

An actor, model and oddly enough, jewellery line owner and humble with it all too. Easily recognisable, Brock is mobbed wherever he goes… let’s hope he visits Manchester very soon then!

As always, I saved the best till last…

Did I do well with this week’s #FridayFitBit? Check out more images of Brock and follow him here.

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A photo posted by Brock O’Hurn (@brockohurn) on

A photo posted by Brock O’Hurn (@brockohurn) on

A post shared by Brock O’Hurn (@brockohurn) on

A post shared by Brock O’Hurn (@brockohurn) on

A photo posted by Brock O’Hurn (@brockohurn) on

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  1. Jenny @ thebrickcastle

    You certainly did save the best till last 😀

    1. S1m

      You so know it lovely! Corrrr I did well this week, I was super excited to go live!x

  2. Emma

    Oh my god HELLO!!! This has definitely made my Friday just that little bit better! 😉 Thanks for sharing lovely! Xx #sharefriday

    1. S1m

      Come back for next weeks #FridayFitBit – I am hoping he will be even better! Have to admit Brock is a stunner!xx

  3. Notmyyearoff

    Blimey look at that hair!! I had no idea who he was till you pointed him out. I now need that hair!

    1. S1m

      Never mind the hair… what about him?! *sigh* Happy Friday! 😉

  4. S1m

    Ha ha ha! Totally! It’s that last image… think I need a cold shower now!

  5. Nicky

    Holy Moly! He’s huuuuge!!

    1. S1m

      He is awesome eye candy and a fab one for week 2! 😉

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