Weight Loss Wednesday Linky: Dealing With Lack Of Motivation

Weight Loss Wednesday Linky: Dealing With Lack Of Motivation

Welcome to the Weight Loss Wednesday Linky! How are you all doing this week?

Weight Loss Wednesday Linky: Dealing With Lack Of Motivation

I have to admit I am struggling. There, I have damn well admitted to it and there is nothing quite like having an argument with yourself about your own lack of enthusiasm.

Gah! I seem to get Day 1 out of the way and then something always crops up on Day 2, meaning I am struggling to get into gear. I’d started the week off well with an awesome gym session and run and then it went downhill yesterday. Offering advice on how to keep motivated comes naturally, everyone expects it of me now and I have a quote for everything. However, keeping up motivation is bloody hard.

We have all been there though, we have all lived it together and supported each other along the way. We know we can do it.

I don’t think the weather is helping, one day I am wearing a t-shirt, the next I am back to jumpers and my Winter coat, it is demoralising!

Dealing With Lack Of Motivation

As of today I shall be taking each day as it comes instead of looking at the next week. I need to go back to basics and strip back everything I think I’ve learned along the way and start afresh. I treated myself to more New You Plan shakes and bars and ordered Vanilla instead of Banana – damn it – however the Vanilla shakes are equally as delicious and a simple change maybe just what I need to kick start me again.

Weight Loss is a bloody hard journey and I have found that being honest and openly discussing struggles and achievements helps. Which is why I am incensed that Lisa Riley’s weight loss has been put down to giving up alcohol, walking more and yoga. NOONE loses 8 stone in 8-9 months by simply doing that. When I drove passed her at Christmas whilst she was stood on her doorstep puffing on a cig, I did not notice a significant weight loss. Just be honest, let people know the journey is going to be tough. No-one will judge you for whatever weight loss path or method you choose, but do not disillusion people that it simply takes giving up alcohol and walking more to shift serious poundage.

Motivation and determination is what it takes, losing weight at a rate in which it is manageable is what it takes. Keeping on track and changing your habits is what it takes.

Which is why, after rambling and ranting, this post is what I needed to write. My motivation is back and I know it will take more than drinking water on the Friday pub visits to finally get where I want to be.

What do you think of Lisa’s transformation? There is no knocking that she looks fantastic but I think we are all intelligent enough to know she has had help… should she be honest about that?

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  1. Lianne

    Oh wow, I’m shocked at hearing that you saw Lisa Riley just at christmas – when i saw her weight loss on Loose Women, I guessed she’d been working on it for a long time!! #weightlosswednesday

    1. S1m

      I have to see her… I have to drive past her house to get off my estate!xx

  2. Mrs TeePot

    I totally agree that it’s a hard slog to lose weight, I’m really struggling with motivation a lot too. As a naturally ‘big’ person I find it disheartening to know that it’s going to be a lifelong struggle for me too, I will never be able to slack off. I wish more people were honest about how hard it is rather than claiming it’s easy because of X, Y or Z product/fad/etc.

  3. Pempi

    I hadn’t known anything about Lisa Riley’s weight loss but (after googling it) the reports I found seem to suggest that she’s been losing weight through life style changes (such as giving up alcohol and doing more exercise) rather than a heavy diet and for sometime since 2012 and her Strictly appearances. She obviously looks quite different now and of course having money and celebrity status may also mean some surgery and personal trainer/dietician help may have played a part but recently I met a lady who did lose 8 stone in only eleven months purely by getting in to a “Slimming World lifestyle” as she told me.
    As for motivation I think we could ALL do with a little of that and your post today was perfect so thank you 🙂

  4. Morgan Prince

    I really know how you feel hun, I really struggle with the motivation sometimes. It can be a hard slog and taking a break can be just what you need sometimes.
    I agree that Lisa Riley looks amazing, but… losing so much weight so quickly can’t be a good thing can it? Not just that but I think she should really be honest about how she did it. I find it difficult to shift 1 stone in that time by cutting out alcohol, walking a bit and doing yoga. It certainly takes a lot of effort and will power to lose so much!!

  5. Amanda Walsh

    I definitely think shes been doing more than just cutting things out! But there is a lovely lady at my Slimming World group who has lost 4stone 6 lbs in just 30 weeks, so it is possible. I thin people should just be honest, I have done and tried all sorts to help in my weight loss and I dont care how its coming off as long as it does, motivation is lacking though, can you buy it hahah

    1. S1m

      She hasn’t mentioned anything diet related – just cutting down on alcohol is not enough. She does look amazing though and I am not taking away from that, but some people may look at her and get the wrong impression about how hard weight loss actually is!xx

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