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Friday Fit Bit – Ben Dahlhaus

by S1m
Friday Fit Bit - Jeff Kasser

Happy Friday lovelies!

It’s that time again for you to appreciate all my hard work researching for this week’s hottest talent to follow on Instagram – all from the comfort of sunbathing in my garden, always a pleasure and never a chore!

Friday Fit Bit – Ben Dahlhaus

Reactions to the Friday Fit Bit‘s so far have proved quite interesting… clearly longer hair and man buns are the ‘in’ thing at the moment, so, as I have had a good week and I am feeling in a giving mood… here’s this week’s Friday Fit Bit!

Let me introduce you to Ben Dahlhaus, the #FridayFitBit for Week 4! Follow Ben on Instagram here.

The Swedish Adonis already has a rather impressive following on Instagram, but it is well worth following him for when you need a quick pick me up! Ben’s long, tousled hair and chiselled bone structure certainly help to sell the package and there is something rather swoon-some about him.

Very little is actually known about the rather mysterious Ben. Despite him having global success in modelling world, even his age is shrouded in mystery – though this link has been sent through to confirm Ben is actually 26!

Happy swooning!

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