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Bringing Generations Together With Retro Movie Nights

by S1m

A package with munchies perfect for watching a film and a copy of North by Northwest was sent through to us a couple of weeks ago, to enjoy a lovely retro night in and watch a classic movie.

How I had never watched North By Northwest before is beyond me, an absolute classic Hitchcock film.


My difficulty was attempting to round everyone up to watch it with me and albeit Mini Me was interested for a short time, her attention span did not quite go beyond what sweets she could eat next!

It is nice to get everyone together though for a film-fest and especially when watching old classics. It’s very easy to forget how awesome they are and how charismatic actors like Cary Grant were.

A friend of mine recommended watching Vertigo too, which I did the next day and had a Hitchcock inspired weekend which was awesome. My younger friends (no offence to them) would not have given me such a recommendation but my older friends, who cross over into a different generation always have such fantastic ideas and recommendations. Weekly pub visits are always richly enjoyed – especially as it is a local where everyone knows everyone. If you stand in Neil’s spot, you certainly know about it!

It’s always wonderful and refreshing to socialise with different generations – it was cute to find out that Sunrise of Hale Barns, the care home provider, believe that every single one of their residents – and families – have individual needs for both their level of care and for the life they want to live. Movie nights are a regular event at one of their many care homes where Sunrise actively encourage residents’ families to attend.


One thing that definitely brings not only generations together, but everyone, is football. Mini Me’s school will be showing the football this afternoon and I even expect Sunrise Senior Living will also be putting on the match too. On that note… I need to go and prepare!

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle June 16, 2016 - 1:10 pm

I’m not that old! Vertigo is a great film. We watched Rear Window 2 days ago too – you’ve brought out the classics for us too 😀

S1m June 16, 2016 - 1:27 pm

I wasn’t talking about you my lovely!! 😉 Ohhhhh need to give that a go too and maybe watch Brief Encounter again too!xx


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