Festival Must Haves Part One

Glastonbury may well be over for another year however it has kicked off a spectacular summer of festivals in style!

The weather may not be with us at the moment and we may have forgotten what the sun actually looks like… so if you are attending a festival this year, find out what else should you take along with you besides wellies in the Festival Must Haves feature this week!


Baby wipes are an absolute must when attending festivals, in fact they are a total life saver. With so many available, I am liking the Johnson’s thinking on Top To Toe Baby Washcloths… with 15 extra large washcloths in a pack, there is no need for water or drying and will keep you refreshed whether attending for a day or a weekend. Currently available from Boots priced at £2.49.


Standing out in the elements all day, on the off chance it is sunny… sun cream is a necessity! Calypso have a fantastic range of sun lotions, alongside after sun gels an even sun protection for your hair. You can pick up the Calypso range at your local supermarket and ensure you are protected when jumping around to live music!


For those little mishaps that require plasters, you can keep up the festival spirit by using the Dermacare WWF Safari and Ocean Life plasters. Even adults can rock these awesome plasters in style – the hardest part comes when choosing which funky design you would prefer to wear. With each pack containing 18 plasters of multiple sizes, stock up via Amazon for £2.99 per pack.


Fuel yourself on the go as not to lose your space with these awesome Lizi’s Go Go Granola pouches priced at £7.20 for a box of 16 and Lizi’s On The Go Granola pouches priced at £10 for a box of 10, available to purchase directly from the Lizi’s website. Available in Original Granola, Belgian Chocolate and Treacle and Pecan, there is something to suit every palate and the pouches are much healthier than fast food snacks!


It’s fair to say that you also need to pack for any eventuality when it comes to the weather! These handy Poncho and Pouch rainwear sets come in Adult (£5.99) and Kids (£5.49) sizes with 2 ponchos in each pouch. Easy to tag onto your jeans or bag, the pouches are tiny, taking up no space at all and are the perfect accessory to ensure you enjoy the festival without getting soaked to the bone! Available to buy directly from Go Travel alongside other rainwear items!


    • S1m says:

      They are aren’t they?! Always have them to hand – great for wiping hands and generally just having a freshen up! Ohhhh good tip on the lip salve!xx

  1. Cat says:

    We are heading to Kendal calling in Cumbria this month so this list is fantastic. Agree baby wipes are essential and I’m going to buy some calypso as I’ve heard great things about this sun block!

    • S1m says:

      There are still more posts o come in the feature yet with some seriously awesome ideas! Kendal Calling is supposed to be fantastic – hope you guys have a great time!xx

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