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Make Learning During The Holidays Fun With Education Quizzes

by S1m

With the 6-7 week summer holiday looming, it can be easier to simply take your foot off the brake and enjoy some downtime with your children and let them have a much deserved rest from learning.

As Mini Me has just completed her Year 2/ Key Stage 1 SATs, I will most definitely be letting her enjoy some downtime, however I am aware that moving into Key Stage 2 upon her return in September will be harder.

Sitting down to complete work when she will no doubt want to be outside playing with her friends will be hard, however sites such as Education Quizzes make learning so much more fun for children of all ages… even in the summer holidays with their great selection of quizzes for revision.

Having a look at the Key Stage 2 section is quite daunting, especially as the number of subjects Mini Me will be studying will increase somewhat. However using the site will certainly enhance her knowledge before toddling off on her first day back.

Studying the school curriculum is certainly made enjoyable when using Education Quizzes, with over 2,500 quizzes created by teachers covering KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3 and GCSE years.

A subscription to the Education Quizzes costs £7.50 per month and can be cancelled at any time. Technology is the main focus in our house, however, if I knew that Mini Me was learning and using technology in a constructive manner, then for me, it is money well spent!

The site is very user friendly and each level, dependent on a child’s age, is highlighted with relevant subject quizzes under each section. Having an attempt at an English Adjective quiz under the KS2 section, you will be pleased to know I scored 10/10. The quiz was multiple choice and the images made the quiz feel less intimidating than you would expect.

This is a great idea for home use and certainly takes the pressure off teachers, when there is so much that can also be learned at home. It also gives parents an overview of the curriculum that their children will be studying in order to aid learning.

So, whilst clocking off from it all seems like a fantastic idea, we all know the reality is that we can’t, even as children – so thanks to Education Quizzes for making learning so much more fun!

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