Top Luggage Hacks For Your Next Family Holiday

Top Luggage Hacks For Your Next Family Holiday

With the school holidays coming up, it’s likely you have a fun-filled family vacation planned for you and your little ones. However, before you set off, you’ll have the packing process to contend with. So that you fill up your suitcase like a pro, here are a few useful luggage hacks you’re probably going to want to know about.

Top Luggage Hacks For Your Next Family Holiday

Go for a lightweight case

Packing for a holiday isn’t always easy, especially if the airline you’re flying with has a strict baggage allowance policy in place. From your beach towels to your best summer outfits, it can be a struggle trying to fit everything you need for your upcoming trip while adhering to the weight restriction enforced by the carrier. After all, if you go over, you’ll have no choice but to cough up and pay an excess charge when you get to the airport. So that you can make the most of the allowance you’re given, you could invest in some lightweight suitcases. Using this style of case will help ensure that you don’t exceed your check-in limit, as well as providing you with maximum packing capacity.

top luggage hacks

Create a list

When it comes to packing, it pays to have a plan. To make the process easier, and to ensure you don’t forget anything, you could create a packing list. By writing down the items you need to take, it shouldn’t take you long to get organised,  and this will also help you recognise if you’re missing any of the essentials. Making a note of your must-have belongings is also a great way to avoid packing too much.

Finetune your packing technique

Travelling with the family means you’ll have a lot to pack. However, if you’re savvy with your approach and finetune your technique, you should be able to efficiently organise your luggage so that you’re not weighed down with numerous bags and suitcases. For example, when you’re placing clothes into your bag, instead of stacking them, you could try rolling each piece individually. This simple trick could save you space and the struggle of trying to fit everything in your bag. You could even store your stuff in vacuum pack bags. These clever accessories shrink your clothes, leaving you with extra room in your case for your travel must-haves.

By putting these handy luggage hacks into practice, you should be able to enjoy a fuss-free family holiday with your loved ones this summer.

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle July 14, 2016 at 4:30 pm

I had a new case for my trip to London last month – it was awesomeness 🙂


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