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Festival Must Haves: Part Three

by S1m

The weather may not exactly be what you had hoped for if you are off to a festival this summer… but what better excuse to dust off your wellies and stock up on wet wipes! Festivals are all about funking it up a little, so let’s have a look at some items that can help with that…


Home Bargains, one of my favourite stores, has a fantastic range of Festival products, perfect no matter what the weather! If you need your wellies, funk them up  with some brightly coloured welly socks, priced at £1.99. Jazz up your hairstyle with a floral headband priced at £1.49, or flutter those lashes with fake eyelashes priced at 89p. Dry Shampoo (79p) and wipes (prices vary) are an absolute must to keep you fresh… and if you are needing food to be kept fresh, check out the rather awesome cooler bag priced at £1.99. Check out the range here.


If you are able to take your own drink with you to a festival, it makes sense to take pre-mixed drinks in order to save space… and your arms! If you love rum, then these refreshing Malibu with Strawberry and Kiwi pre-mixed cans (£1.98) are stunning when chilled and perfect for sipping whilst listening to cool vibes. Glam your festival accessories up even more with funky pineapple shaped cups, Malibu floral headbands and folding sunglasses… Malibu have a fantastic range of products, all inspired by the chilled nature of Malibu, check out the range here.

If you do find the time to chill whilst at a festival, why not take a copy of Hired Fired Fled (£8.99) with you. Available in paperback and on Kindle. Following the life of a graduate on his quest to find a job that he loved, you will chuckle along as he finds himself crashing and burning through fourteen jobs in only fifteen years. His journey finds him wrongly accused of sleeping with one boss’s wife, serving soup in Italy and risking his hypothermia in Canada to name a few. The perfect summer read no matter where or how you decide to spend your summer!


If you are travelling to a festival with children this summer, or even simply travelling, then you will all have less neckache with these super cute Emoji Necknapperz. With four different emojis to choose from, there is no denying the neck pillows will make everyone smile! Super portable alongside being super cute and comfy. Available to buy from Argos at £14.99.

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle July 11, 2016 - 2:16 pm

Ooh that necknapperz looks good. My youngest really wanted to buy an emoji pillow the other week 😀


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