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My Summer DIY To Do List

by S1m

Do you ever sit back, look around your house and wonder what you would change in a massive DIY overhaul?

After finally decorating my living room I am wasting no time in moving onto the next project.

The light switches in my kitchen desperately need to be the next thing on the list to tackle. Someone once recommended installing dimmer switches, yet managed to hook them up the wrong way round, resulting in an electrician having to rectify the problem! This is what happens when you let someone loose who thinks they know everything! Rest assured I shall certainly be having a look at a site such as Electrical Guys and choosing a switch that actually does the job!

Next on the list is painting the rest of the house, such a daunting task, especially as I dislike painting! An idea would be to rope in friends for a pizza painting party in order to have help whilst decorating. Payment in alcohol would be after the job has been completed… any sooner and I couldn’t guarantee any painting would be done!

There is something about the glorious summer sunshine that does inspire you to make a few changes here and there. I have taken the opportunity to tan whilst mowing both lawns this week without having to moan about the rather arduous task.

With childfree time approaching over the summer holidays, it will be a perfect opportunity for me to crack on with re-decorating the house exactly how I want it to be. To also paint over all the finger marks that adorn all my doors and banister too. In fact the list is endless, I know how the painters of the Firth of the Forth bridge feel! At least this post has kick started me somewhat and with my list somewhat written down in black and white I can crack on with no excuses!

Do you plan to work on any DIY projects over the summer?

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