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Weight Loss Wednesday: The Greatest Week!

by S1m
Weight Loss Wednesday Linky

Welcome to the Weight Loss Wednesday linky!

How are you all doing this week?

This last week has been pretty awesome, not only have I reached my lowest weight that I have been in donkey’s years, I have entered into a new clothing size… AND it has all just been working! 🙂

My success on the New You Plan has been a great success as I have been motivated to do it and the results have spurred me on. As opposed to talking about it and creating huge gestures, I have just cracked on with dieting on a daily basis and have achieved the desired results. If you cave in and turn to McDonald’s every time you have a bad day then you will never lose anything!

The New You Plan is a really enjoyable diet to be on and you do not actually miss out on anything. In fact, New You have just launched a new Burger Mix… and my ultimate favourite Chocolate Pudding mix. Which, when made is very much like a melt in the middle chocolate pudding. Diet food? Really? Yes!

New You Plan Burger

Clothes are hanging off me now yet fortunately there have been some great bargains to be had recently… a new summer vest from Primark reduced from £4 down to £2… in my new size, I simply could not resist!

Another week and then I am giving myself some time off to enjoy my hard work and the summer, hopefully, when the sun decides to make an appearance! I’m at the stage now where I can control what I am eating, I can limit treats and I can be sensible.

I started my weight loss journey on a calorie controlled route and will be happy to get back to that again. Things are going in the right direction at the moment and I have even been able to increase arm weights at the gym without any pain or niggles in my shoulder.

No matter how long it takes, you can bloody do it. Set a goal, aim for it and keep going until you get there. Determination is a very strong tool that everyone has, it is just a case of owning it and working with it!

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