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Rule the Road: Top Free Apps for iOS and Android Users in the UK

by S1m

The beauty of smartphones isn’t just that we can call or text anyone from wherever we are but that they also offer us so many features that can help with our travels. To help make your next journey run smoothly, we’ve put together some of the top free apps that are available on android and iOS devices.

Please note: driving while using your mobile phone isn’t permitted and could cause severe accidents. If you are involved in a bump or crash, contact a car accident lawyer immediately.

The Aviva Drive App

If you want to put your driving skills to the test, this is the app to do it. Once installed, your driving technique will be monitored and with each 200 miles you cover, you’ll be provided with a score that’s out of 10. And, if you’re able to score 7.1 or above, you could be saving up to £150 on your insurance with Aviva! This app definitely makes driving safely more fun as you’ll be rewarded with driving badges, will be able to monitor your progress and will be able to gain a quote with Aviva.

Google Maps

It goes without saying that when you’re embarking on a new journey to somewhere you’ve never been before, you are going to need to get some directions. Instead of the old paper maps that are often out of date as soon as you’ve bought them, you can be provided with a real-time map straight from your phone.

Google Maps will find you the quickest and best route for you once you punch in your current location and destination. It’ll also provide you with updates as to whether there are any road closures or accidents and it allows you to save your favourite places so you can easily access them as and when you need them.


Find My Car

If you’re heading to an unknown city or you’re parking your car in a huge car park, Find My Car provides you with the perfect solution for finding your car again. There’s nothing worse than parking in a place you’ve never been to before or in a vast car park with no signs as to what area you’re in.

You’ll often find yourself walking around for hours on end trying to find your car again but with this app, you’ll be able to locate and navigate yourself to your car in no time. Simply set the location of your car in the app and when you need to find it again, re-open the app and watch as it navigates you right back to your motor.


Do you often find it difficult to remember all of your vehicle details, including when your car is due for a service or what your registration number is? This handy app from Shell allows you to store all of these pieces of information in one place, so you‘ll never forget a thing again. You can even set up reminders for type pressure and oil changes!

Evie Bevan has worked as a driving instructor for the last couple of years. She’s interested in technology and regularly scours the web for new driving apps to help her and her new drivers.

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