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Things That Can Go Wrong On A Steamy Date…

by S1m

We’ve all be there, immersed in a hot steamy date moment and then BAM something unexpected and rather unfortunate occurs.


What on earth do you do next though? How you deal with the situation in hand will determine whether the steamy date is a success or not… let’s have a look at what could happen!

You get absolutely trollied!

We all know that alcohol is a confidence booster and when drinks are freely flowing, you can easily get carried away and drink too much. If you are on a first date and act like a goon due to too many sherberts, you can pretty much guarantee you shall not be hearing from your date. Drink soft drinks, limit your drinking and even drive to a first date so that you have an excuse not to drink. If you are a few weeks/months in a relationship, then you will certainly find out what your date is made of!


Erectile Dysfunction

Such a taboo subject, that really shouldn’t be! People simply assume that ED is associated with older men, but you would be surprised at how many young men also suffer from the problem! In fact 26% of men under 40 have experienced Erectile dysfunction according to a survey by the Journal of Sexual Health. Males feel under twice as much pressure to perform sexually according to the survey, very bittersweet really, as it is reassuring that men also feel pressure when it comes to bedroom antics!  Only 9% of people surveyed are aware of Erectile Dysfunction treatments available, of which there are many!
Astonishingly Only 38% of people surveyed are aware there are multiple causes. Causes of ED can include weight, smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, lack of exercise, anxiety and depression. Another reason to have a limit on the amount of alcohol consumed!

Forgetting someone’s name

It can actually happen, or especially the wrong name used. How often have I called my dog by Mini Me’s name? I certainly wish I had a pound coin for every time I have! I’m not entirely sure how you can get out of this situation in all fairness as it has never happened to me – laugh it off and move on, I am sure you will never feel as awkward as the person who uttered the name… let them grovel and revel in all the apologies!

Whatever awkwardness occurs, just make sure the steam is coming from other places as opposed to your ears!

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