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The Top 3 Underestimated DIY Tools For Home Use

by S1m

Following on from the fact that I clearly have a few DIY projects in the pipeline, it has got me thinking about what tools I have and what I actually need to complete the tasks. A screwdriver can only do so much!

Let’s have a look at the top 3 underestimated DIY tools…


Air Compressors

A beast of a tool, an air compressor is fantastic for spray painting, tyre inflation and even nailing and stapling. I am amazed at exactly what an air compressor can do, a tool that should definitely be given more credit! This tool could actually come in very handy when I look into new flooring. Obviously I wouldn’t operate it, I would be slightly erratic with it, so would be best if a strapping man came and did the work for me! SGS Engineering actually have a few reasonably priced air compressors… this is something I need to look in to!


A Drill

This goes without saying, every house needs a drill and in fact was the very first tool I bought when I became a single parent. Not that I ever thought I would use it, but simply for that fact I one one for a ‘just in case’ moment! Corded drills have more power and torque than a battery operated drill, however if you need a simple, easy to use drill around the house, make sure you go for a middle of the road priced drill… it will stand the test of time!



A random choice, but craftier than you may think! Think slightly less Prit Stick type and more wood glue type. Armed with a clamp, wood glue is generally dry within an hour and can even be painted over. Waterproof to boot, this is a great product to have around when looking to repair kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, doors and more!

What is your go to DIY tool?

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