Friday Fit Bit – Joseph Cannats

Friday Fit Bit – Joseph Cannats

It’s Friday Fit Bit time!! Ok, so slightly more Monday Minx… but who is counting the days?

Having just read that this week’s gorgeousness used to be ridiculously shy in front of the camera when he was a youngster, I am ever so glad that he realised being in front of the camera was his forte!

Friday Fit Bit – Joseph Cannats

I believe I have chosen well this week, so it’s time to introduce you to this week’s #FridayFitBit… Mr. Joseph Cannats.

An actor and model, hailing from the city of Toronto in Ontario, this stunning Canadian seems to be a hit when it comes to romance novel covers! With a body like that, I don’t think even I could resist trashy romance novels… never judge a book by it’s cover hey? Not sure I would get round to opening the book!

Joseph stands at 5ft 11inches… his age? Well, we found out that this week’s #FridayFitBit is a youngster at 33 years of age… the same age as me! 😉

So, how have I done? Have I chosen well this week? The scenery in the images is beautiful! 😉

Fancy checking out more pics of the rather delicious Joseph?

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If you are enjoying the #FridayFitBit feature, please help me promote and get it out there lovelies! 🙂 x

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  1. Jenny @ thebrickcastle

    I reckon I could manage a pint in the pub with him 😀

    1. S1m

      You and me both love! We need to get on arranging this! 😉 xx

  2. Lauranne

    You know you are so good to us, going through all the effort of scrolling through image after image for your #FridayFitBit posts to hand pick the best for us. You have my sympathy 😉

    1. S1m

      I try my absolute hardest, it really isn’t an easy task but it’s my gift to you all! 😉 xx

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