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Shibajuku Doll Review: When A Shibajuku Doll Came To Stay

by S1m
Shibajuku Dolls

Returning from holiday is always so anti climatic, especially when you return home to constant rain. However unbeknown to Mini Me, she would be returning home to a review item I knew she would love… a Shibajuku Doll!

ShibaJuku Dolls are fashion dolls with a difference and that they truly are! The dolls are absolutely stunning!

With only a few hours to play with her new ShibaJuku Doll named Shizuka, Mini Me got straight in there by removing all the doll’s hair accessories and clipped them in her own hair. Each doll comes complete with 4 hair accessories that can be used to dress the doll, or used in your child’s hair.

Shibajuku Doll Review

Shibajuku Doll Review

Non Smiling Mini Me who is now rather conscious of her front tooth gap!

There are 5 dolls in range to collect, Namika, Suki, Shizuka, Koe and Yoko, each with their own unique style and personality, dressed in the latest Harajuku fashions. The dolls are fully poseable, making role play even more fun and come with glass eyes and real lashes.

Shibajuku Dolls

More clips in Mini Me’s hair than the doll!

Shizuka has one blue eye and one green, making her the most unusual out of the gang and the most stunning blonde hair with quirky pink streaks. The length of the doll’s hair is fantastic and exactly what I would expect from such a high quality item. Children will happily sit there and plait the doll’s hair and fashionably style it with the 4 cute and glittery hair accessories.

Shibajuku Dolls

Shizuka has the most stunning, intricate outfit complete with knee high socks and shoes that come off a little too easily, so be aware of that! Slightly larger at 13 inches and certainly more special than a conventional doll, the ShibaJuku Doll’s are seriously fun to play with, even I fancy a go at fancy plaiting Shizuka’s hair! The faces of the ShibaJuku Doll’s are slightly less scary than others too – more innocent and natural, but still rocking the funky street style!

Shibajuku Dolls

Plait by Mini Me

Priced at £24.99, the ShibaJuka Dolls, part of the Flair range of toys are available from toy stores including Smyths.

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle August 5, 2016 - 3:08 pm

They are very smart dolls, there’s a lot of work gone into the outfit, it’s incredibly detailed 🙂


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