How To Style Your Kitchen For A Sale

How To Style Your Kitchen For A Sale

Selling your home isn’t as simple as putting a sign in front of it and waiting for someone to make an offer.

For many, selling a property is a matter of staging – presenting and styling your home in a way that makes it more attractive to a buyer.

How To Style Your Kitchen For A Sale

One way to really maximise the wow factor of your house is to make those rooms you use the most really stand out. The kitchen, known as the heart of the home, is one of the most important rooms in any property.

Things To Consider When Designing A Kitchen

Making the most of your kitchen

When staging your property, making your kitchen appear as the heart of your home can be a sure-fire way to help your house make a great first impression to potential buyers.

The room should look functional – a good workable space to cook the daily meals ­– but it should also look like a warm and social place for family and friends to gather, eat and drink. If your kitchen comes with a table where you and your partner or family eat dinner together, for example, make the room stand out even more and show it off.

These simple tips could help your kitchen really stand out:

  • Clean – A major part of staging a room, ready for when someone comes to view your property, is to make sure it’s clean. For a kitchen, this is essential. Any wall tiles should be wiped down, surfaces cleared and cleaned, and the floor vacuumed and mopped sparkling clean. All this makes a good first impression, and less mess means potential buyers can focus on visualising themselves – cooking or dining – in the room itself.
  • No clutter – Many family kitchens are filled with appliances, cutlery, mug trees, pots and pans, as well as kids’ school paintings and spectacular fridge magnet collections. When you’re staging a home, stripping back some of these items can really help – what are ornaments and mementos to you may just be clutter to a potential buyer. Clearing as much space as possible on, for instance, kitchen counter tops and fridge and freezer doors, helps a buyer imagine their own belongings in the space instead.
  • Splashes of colour – It’s possible to add some vibrancy to a room with just a few splashes of colour. In a kitchen, you can accomplish this very easily and without ever needing to reach for a paintbrush. Placing together coordinating or matching appliances, for instance, or simply displaying some fresh fruit in a decorative bowl on the kitchen table, can add a subtle, but welcoming and eye-catching, splash of colour to the room.

How To Style Your Kitchen For A Sale

Making your kitchen go further

Simple tips aside, when it comes to getting a room in your property ready for sale, sometimes it’s a good idea to go that little bit further.

This could mean giving your kitchen a bit of a facelift, but this doesn’t need to be hugely expensive. Simply just repainting the cupboard doors can completely change the way your kitchen looks. If you decide to do this, try aiming for a neutral colour, like white or cream, which is softer on the eyes and can bring more light to the room. You could even couple this with a striking feature wall by painting it in a more vibrant colour.

The basic principal to keep in mind when painting and decorating your kitchen is to present it one of two ways: a space that’s ready to move into right away; or as a blank canvas that allows a potential buyer to imagine what they could do with the room to make it their own.

Staging your whole property for a viewing can require a lot of work; time, careful thought and organisation. But it’s all worthwhile in generating more interest from potential buyers to help you sell your home. It can even give you a head start on packing so you’re ready to move house when the time comes.

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