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How School Reviewer Can Help You Make The Right Choice

by S1m
School Reviewer

The moment that email hit my account I was scared to open it. The seriousness of the situation finally hit home as reality started to sink in.

Not only has we not been offered our first choice of Primary school… the school that Mini Me had attended full time nursery at the previous year, but neither the second or third choice either. You hear of this happening, you just never expect it to happen to yourself.

I went through a full range of emotions, mainly overwhelmed and under prepared… what was I to do next? I had not researched other options, I was unsure of ratings, catchment areas, school sizes, everything really that you need to know in this unfathomable scenario.

Fortunately it all worked out for the best and Mini Me attends an awesome school that she adores. However having all the information I required in one handy place, that could answer all my questions would have been a lifesaver with regards to the whole choice process.

School Reviewer

I am already starting to feel the nerves over a High School placement, fortunately that is a while off yet but is always something that is in the back of my mind. Fortunately, I have been introduced the rather comprehensive site School Reviewer, offering invaluable stats and information regarding every school in the UK across all the levels. So, whether you are currently looking at filling in your applications for Primary or Secondary schools, it is well worth a look to give you important background information into the schools in your area.

The site is a one stop shop for all you need to know about schools in the UK, even offering a forum service, allowing parents to communicate with other parents from schools that are of interest. Other features include a free buy and sell service that enables parents to sell school related items that are no longer required.

Very user friendly, the site’s services are easily navigated by the menus at the top of the site. Even if you require the services of a Tutor, the site aims to help you find a local tutor suited to your requirements. See what I mean about it being a one stop shop? Endorsed by Baroness Karren Brady also, the site certainly helps parents to make some of the biggest decision in their children’s’ lives much easier.

School Reviewer has certainly given me peace of mind and I will be keeping up to date with the information on schools in the local area until the time comes when I need to make the Secondary school decision.

Disclosure: In collaboration with School Reviewer.

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