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Review: Pet Parade Family Scooter Playset

by S1m
Pet Parade Family Scooter Playset

Any toys that are pet related always go down a storm in our house. Mini Me’s love of dogs means any toy that is dog related is treasured more than anything else.

The range of Pet Parade toys was introduced in our house last year by Father Christmas – he has good taste – and Mini Me was fortunate enough to add to her collection recently with a fantastic Pet Parade Family Scooter Playset review.

Review: Pet Parade Family Scooter Playset

Pet Parade

What made the playset even more appealing to us was the fact the puppies are based on Cavalier King Charles, the same as our actual dog… but slightly less chunky and certainly less noisy and messy!

Lots of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels… with Mini Me

Included in the playset are 1x mummy dog, 1x puppy, 2x bibs, 2x scooters and 2x helmets… because even dogs on scooters need to be safety conscious! The scooters have wheels that do actually spin, making them very easy to push along when on a laminate or flat floor.

Pet Parade

The puppy attaches to the mummy’s tail by the use of a magnet and makes keeping the pets together even easier!

The greatest thing about Pet Parade is that no batteries are required in order to play with the toys in the range. Simply by using the joystick button you can make your puppy or kitten walk in the direction you choose, move its head, eyes and even tail in order for the pets to move in a realistic way. The included leads attach to a magnet on the pets collar, making it easy to move the pets around the floor and whizz around on their scooters.

Pet Parade Family Scooter Playset

Each pet has a tag around its neck, with enough space to fill in a name for the pet – you will need small handwriting for this, but it is a cute idea to personalise your pet.

The Pet Parade Family Scooter Playset has an RRP of £14.99 and is part of a range of Pet Parade toys from Flair, which also include kittens, alongside puppies. You can check out the full range here.

Head over to the Pet Parade YouTube channel, which showcases 14 awesome cute cartoon webisodes for Pet Parade fans to watch! A definite must have for Christmas lists this year!

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