Weight Loss Wednesday Linky: Exciting News

Welcome to the Weight Loss Wednesday linky!

It has been a while since the last Weight Loss Wednesday post, but I have some very exciting news that has certainly given me the kick up the bum that I very much needed!

The rather gorgeous Zoe from My Mummy’s World has joined the WLW fold and will now be co-hosting the linky with me on a weekly basis! Zoe has written some very honest posts about her weight loss journey and is currently following the Weight Watchers diet, finding that this fits in with her lifestyle much better than other diets out there.

Having started my weight loss journey off by following the Weight Watchers diet religiously, I totally understand how easy it is to fit in with family life and to follow, especially with the use of the rather handy MyFitnessPal app.

Weight Loss is something I’ve sort of flipped the bird at recently as I’ve simply been enjoying myself and having fun. I’ve drunk probably more in the last month than I have all year, so have decided to go teetotal again, which I actually love! Drinking water as opposed to alcohol or fizzy drinks really does help the skin as well as your body, helping to aid the skin’s elasticity too when losing weight.

I know what my problem has been recently though… I don’t have a goal to aim towards. Those who know me, know that I love aiming towards something and for the summer, it was the fact I was going on holiday needed to be seen in a swimming costume… gah!

After reaching my lowest weight in a long time, before enjoying lots of French culinary delights, it is time to get back there again. I felt comfortable, I knew I had worked hard and rocked that ass! Confidence exuded and I really need to get back on it before I find myself too comfortable hiding in winter jumpers and oversized coats.

So, my regime has started again in earnest and this week I am back on the failsafe New You Plan. I know it works and it works well for me, but I need to be motivated and I need to stay on it. You guys are going to have to help me, but I would love it even more if you can give Zoe a huge warm welcome and keep her motivated on her journey too! Her latest post is here.

How are you all doing at the moment? Are you ready for the countdown to Christmas?

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  1. Zoe says:

    You will rock this, winter its easy to hide behind those thick jumpers, but think of the smaller jumpers you can buy =D
    I’m so happy to be on board #WeightLossWednesday with you and hopefully it gives us both a massive kick up the bottom

  2. Hannah Spannah says:

    well done for getting back on it. I loved your phrase “I’ve flipped the bird at it’ as that’s exactly how I have felt recently! I have just started to restart my diet again and so whilst visiting as part of my linky, I have linked up! I’m struggling to copy the code for the badge for some reason so I’ll try again on my phone or come back. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

    • S1m says:

      Awww cheers my love for linking up! It’s nice to be back in all fairness, I’ve needed Zoe to give me the kick I needed and am back on track now and looking forward to seeing the scales move down! It may be wise to get the code from Zoe’s post, there is a way to get it off here but I am just an awkward bugger! Looking forward to reading about your journey xxx

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