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Reviewing The New Patak’s Frozen Curry Range

by S1m

Recently we were sent quite a few Patak’s Frozen Curry Range meals to enjoy in a curry evening with buddies. Well, we weren’t just going to sit back and make it a normal curry evening were we?


Oh no, we combined curry evening with a Halloween party, much to the delight of the children… and the adults when silly string was on offer!


The frozen curries are part of a new range from Patak’s and come complete with a portion of pilau rice and a portion of curry in a 425g pot. You can choose from 6 different curries: Beef Madras, Chicken Korma, Chicken Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, King Prawn Balti and Vegetable Jalfrezi.


The curries can be cooked in an oven for 40 minutes or cooked in a microwave in 10 minutes… much better for those who are hungry!


There is no denying that the curries are tasty, I had the pleasure of tucking into a Chicken Tikka Masala which actually, for a frozen meal was really quite delicious and full of flavour. The rice, which had had a little extra water poured in whilst cooking in the oven, was quite fluffy and complemented the curry well.


My only complaint is that there is not enough curry in the portions. It just felt as if there wasn’t as much substance as one comes to expect from a curry – however when the RRP of the dish is £2 per pack from Tesco, you really cannot grumble… however you may want to feast on a few starters too to fill you up.


Mini Me quite happily tucked into a Chicken Korma – not something I tend to cook as I dislike coconut and claimed it was a really nice curry and carried on chomping. Fortunately we are curry lovers in our house and I had no doubt that Mini Me who is 7 years old would love the curry.

Everyone sat around Jenny’s kitchen table was certainly quiet whilst eating, a momentous occasion for once and the different curries eaten were enjoyed… we just could have eaten more! Would I buy them? Yes, however I would have to add extra into the curry… or buy two!

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle October 4, 2016 - 9:14 pm

It was lovely to have you both round for tea and a party – they were so easy to just throw in the oven. We must do it more often!! 🙂


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