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Weight Loss Wednesday: Conquering Day 3!

by S1m
Weight Loss Wednesday

Welcome to the Weight Loss Wednesday Linky!

I am holding my hands up and admitting I screwed up last week. That track that I was meant to be on? I totally came off that, not in a big way, however it does mean that I have had to start the whole regime… again. Curry night was something I could not miss out on though!


It almost seems like last week was meant to be as I am currently on Day 3 of the New You Plan and have been to the gym twice in that time. I have managed to jump the dreaded Day 2 hurdle and have started today with renewed vigour… but also spoiling for a fight. I am putting that down to the fact I am on roughly 600 calories a day, not because I am a moody sod, so took it out on the gym!

The stage of feeling icy cold, shivering, feeling immense hunger and suffering with headaches is now over, so I can officially state I must be in ketosis now. My body will definitely be burning fat to produce energy – knowing this makes me want to move even more… Impatient? Me? Whatever gave you that idea?

I am a huge advocate of having a goal in mind to help keep you focussed and motivated. Determination shines through and pushes you forward to that all important goal – whether it be a special occasion, a holiday or a new item of clothing you wish to rock, always have an incentive when on a weight loss journey.

Since I started back on the diet on Monday, this morning the scales recorded a loss of 7lbs. Yep, that’s half a stone in 2 days. It may sound amazing, however that will be water retention, so I am not jumping for joy just yet! Last week I craved fizzy drinks which will not have done any favours – I mean, who actually sits in a pub and has a soft drink? Well, it looks like I do and will be moving onto water from now on upon my return.

How are you all doing this week though? Has motivation kept you going through?

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Hannah Spannah October 5, 2016 - 2:27 pm

Oh wow! I know that it’s water but still, 7lbs in 2 days?! That’s incredible! Well done you for getting through that horrible stage and I hope that your motivation continues. I had a rubbish week as well and I too start on a Monday so next week will be our week!

Mary October 5, 2016 - 8:41 pm

I don’t think I would have been able to say no to curry night either, I love curry. 7lbs in 2 days is nothing to sneeze at, it probably is water weight but that’s still weight in my book. Staying on track is no easy feat but you are determined to accomplish your goals and it’s very inspirational. 🙂

Zoe October 5, 2016 - 9:02 pm

7lbs! Wow Sim, good on you. Well done on getting through that stage, 🙂 xx


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