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The Best Binge Watch Series This Halloween #WBHalloween

by S1m

It is not often that I have a free weekend to myself and although I really should be making the most of it, having been floored all week with a cold, I doubt anyone will blame me for having a chilled weekend! With it being Halloween weekend too, it would only be fair to slob on the sofa all weekend and binge watch some awesome, addictive series whilst chomping on comfort food!

With X Factor presenting ‘Fright Night’ on Saturday, I am hoping to bypass that completely and have my own fright night with some of the awesome spook-tacular series on offer.


I am easily swayed by a hunky leading star and for me, Tom Ellis has swung the vote in favour of watching Lucifer first! Lucifer (played by the delectable Tom) is the original fallen angel, who has become dissatisfied with his life in hell and decides to embark on a somewhat playboy lifestyle in Los Angeles… we all know that nothing is ever that simple though! I have recently seen trailers for this series and it is on my list for this weekend!

With so many must watch Warner Bros. TV series to watch such as Vampire Diaries, The Originals and iZombie, I will certainly not be running out shows to keep me occupied and out of trouble! However if you need some Halloween must watch movies and shows, check out Halloween Movie inspiration here.

Horror shows and movies haven’t really been my thing in the past, I am much more likely to choose action over any genre… however with so many great series out there at the moment I am finding that I can no longer resist! Gone are the days when a good night would be one that involved being out with friends spending lots of drinking money, these days it’s nights spent in with buddies watching a show and debriefing afterwards!

Are there any series that you have specifically chosen to watch at Halloween? Have you seen any of the series in the image? What do you think about the shows?

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle October 28, 2016 - 11:52 pm

I genuinely haven’t seen any of those – I tend to watch movies, but I think I’m probably missing out – Lucifer especially gets really superb reviews.


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