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Christmas Gift Guide: Chubby Puppies Playsets Review

by S1m
Chubby Puppies

The onslaught of adverts geared to promoting toys before Christmas has started and you may still be wondering what to purchase for Father Christmas to bring this year.

In this case, make sure that the Chubby Puppies range is well and truly on your radar! Recently, we were sent the Chubby Puppies & Friends Pet Fun Playset (RRP £29.99), alongside the Chubby Puppies & Friends  Ice Cream Stall Playset (RRP £17) and even I have to admit to being a fan!

Chubby Puppies

The Pet Fun playset comes with a Chubby Puppy and her baby puppy all ready for lots of fun and action! The playset is very easy to assemble, the very few loose pieces simply require plugging into place and then you are all set to play! With a slope connecting the lift and swing together, lots have fun can be had sending the puppies on the ride of their life! For a more sedate ride, the carousel that simply clips into place can fit 3 puppies and spins round manually. The Chubby Puppy character hops, waddles and moves around and is turned on and off by the switch on its belly. A battery are included, but you may wish to stock up on AAA batteries for when it needs changing!

Chubby Puppies

The cart in the Ice Cream Stall Playset easily plugs into the Chubby Puppies mouth and is pushed along by the seriously cute Husky puppy itself. This is even cuter when used on laminate flooring! The set also comes with 2 ice lollies that can be held in place in the cart.

Chubby Puppies

The sets are very colourful and engaging and very easy to set up and play with.  The puppies themselves are quite amusing to watch waddling around, it’s almost as if they were based on our own dog – however the good news is that they do not snore!

On/Off switch

The Chubby Puppies range from Spin Master is available to purchase from toy stores, with many more Chubby Puppies to collect, all with different accessories.

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Sahar October 30, 2016 - 10:39 am

I really love the chubby puppy game set. I do not have kids to play with but I would rather enjoy this with my cousins playing icecream truck or whatever.

S1m October 30, 2016 - 10:41 am

They are incredibly sweet! I wish they had toys like this available when I was a child – kids today are so lucky!

Jo Hutchinson November 1, 2016 - 2:53 am

so adorable


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