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Funky Storage Options To Help Make Space For Christmas

by S1m

Having spent the majority of the day clearing out two rooms to the point I can actually walk from one side to the other without climbing over a mountain of clutter, you can guess I am now sat down with a cuppa and am watching The Walking Dead. Clearing out the rooms was certainly more traumatising that this show could ever be!

I suppose the advantages are that I have now found a million items that I had lost, however my problem now is where am I going to put them? The whole idea of clearing out the rooms was so that I actually had space, it still looks the same just neater until a tip run later in the week… rock n roll!

Oddly enough Mini Me’s room is currently the tidiest I have ever seen it, tidied all of her own accord and I am super proud of her for her efforts. However I am fully aware that it will not last long, especially with Christmas and her birthday fast approaching.


This is when I start thinking that a comfy storage unit bunk bed would be ridiculously useful when it comes to keeping a child’s bedroom  tidy. Therefore giving the room more use than just a room to store toys and sleep in, it can also be a quiet sanctuary, especially as homework becomes harder.

Check out the awesome bed storage units for children over at Room To Grow, they are exactly what I have in mind! I love the fact that they can be adapted so as your child grows, desks, chairs and more storage can be added. The fact they look super funky is an added bonus!

I can expect I am not the only parent spending time de-cluttering at the moment, fully aware that in 2 months time the house will yet again be in a similar state, however it is good to know that there are multi purpose storage units available to help!

Collaborative post.

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