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Christmas Gift Guide: Toys For All Ages

by S1m
Sim's Life Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching with just under 50 days until the big day! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, don’t worry… the Christmas Gift Guide is here to offer some fantastic suggestion, starting with… TOYS!

The Disney Princess Belle Musical Tea Party Cart from Jakks is set to be a huge hit this Christmas and it is easy to see why! The rather cute cart is very easy to assemble with the 3 main parts simply clicking together in place. Mrs. Potts and Chip happily spin around and sing the very iconic ‘Be Our Guest’ when the flower on the side of the cart is pressed. 2 x AA Batteries are already included, but be prepared that you will need to stock up!

Also included are 2 x teacups, teapot and spoons. Coming in at just under 1 metre in height, it is aimed at children 3 years plus and is a wonderful toy for letting children’s imaginations run free with role play! With a RRP of £59.99, Belle’s Musical Tea Party Cart is available from toy stores and is currently on offer stores such as Smyths, so go and check out #BellesTeaCart!

Christmas Presents for Children

Shopkins are literally taking over the world, we are huge fans in our house and the Shopkins Kinstructions sets are the perfect addition to an already impressive collection of the little collectables. The Kinstructions sets allow fans to build their own sets and let their imagination run wild! The sets do feature relevant Shopkins characters to the theme of the set. Sets can be purchased from Amazon and all good toy retailers.

Toy Ideas for Christmas Gifts

The Project MC2 Dolls are totally different to dolls we have played with before. Not only do the dolls come with very funky clothes and accessories to reflect their personalities, but each doll also comes with a science experiment for you to complete. The McKeyla McAlister doll we were sent came with a lava lamp that we needed to complete – all we needed was tap water, glitter and glycerine (available from the baking aisle in Tesco). What we managed to learn from the experiement was that tap water can also be used as a conductor as opposed to wires in order for the battery to make the glitter light bulb work. With very easy to follow instructions, we had fun whilst completing the experiment – which is great as it helps to promote the enjoyment of science from a young age. I can totally see how the dolls will prove popular this Christmas and you can purchase the MC2 range from toy retailers including Toys R Us.

The Secret Life of Pets from Universal Pictures surely has to be one of the greatest family films of the year! Following the lives of every day animated domestic pets and featuring the voices of Kevin Hart, Ellie Kemper, Jenny Slate, Lake Bell, viewers get a peak at the mischief the pets can actually create! A wonderful film to gift this year and with a run time of 82 minutes is an awesome family film to watch on Christmas Day! You can purchase the The Secret Life of Pets, which has just been released on DVD from stockists including Amazon (currently priced at £10 for the DVD and Digital Download) and Tesco.

Animal Jam, the number 1 online social game for children enjoyed all over the world has come to life with an awesome range of related toys! The popular game, created in association with National Geographic is free to play online with the option of paid added extras too. Buy purchasing credits, a portion of your Animal Jam membership fee will go to help the National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative! The seriously cute collectable toys in the Animal Jam range are available in toy stores now and also include exclusive codes to unlock content and special features inside the online game – perfect for Animal Jam fans this Christmas!

Gobbit is the fast and frantic card game that will keep everyone on their toes this Christmas. Perfect for anyone over the age of 7 years, you will need quick reactions to ensure you are the last player still to have cards in your hand. The cards feature 4 animals in 3 colours, all of whom eat each other based on their colour and food chain status. Slap your animal card to defend a predator attack and slap your opponent’s animal card to eat it and claim their pile of cards. Based on ‘Slap’ this has advanced the card game onto another level and is totally addictive. The game is boxed and is portable meaning you can take it with you on trips to see friends and family over Christmas. Priced at £14, Gobbit can be purchased from www.rulesofplay.co.uk.

The Frozen Adventure Seeker Beauty Duffel is perfect for fans of the hit Disney film who are looking for a super cute and colourful duffel bag to pack their belongings in. The set includes several lipsticks, hairbands, lipglosses, cream eyeshadows, hairclips, lip brushes and swirl lipgloss compacts, all housed in the duffel which is available from Lloyds Pharmacy at £9.99. The bag is such a wonderful gift idea and has many uses for after the beauty contents have been used!


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