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Tips On Staying Safe On The Roads This Winter

by S1m
Tips on how to stay safe on the roads this Winter

The first fall of snow this year brought absolute chaos to my local roads, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise though as it happens every single year.

You can pretty much guarantee than an extra 30 minutes will be required to drive the usual 3 mile route than tends to take around 10 minutes. Ok, so temporary traffic lights certainly did not help the journey, however people simply forget how to drive in terrible weather conditions.

The news reports of people being stranded in their cars and having to abandon them always makes me worry about whether I would be prepared if I ever experienced that. With that in mind, this post highlights how you can stay safe on the roads and prepare your car for Winter!

Be vigilant

Very simple really, just pay close attention to the roads, what is around you, who is around you and keep safe distances away from other vehicles and motorcycles. Visibility is worse during Winter due to the darker mornings and evenings, so always make sure to turn your lights on… how many of us have forgotten this when driving away and pay particular attention to cyclists. Clearly not as obvious as cars on the road, cyclists can unfortunately appear from nowhere!

Check your car

Ensuring your car is running smoothly certainly helps to battle this weather as best you can. Checking tyre pressures are correct, that you have enough windscreen wash and that your oil is at a correct level are important at any time of the year, but even more so now. Very easy 5 minute tasks to do yourself or you can nip to a local garage for these checks to be made if you are unsure.

Pack wisely

Make sure you have a blanket or two, alongside some bottled water and a scrapper in the car just in case. The blankets are self explanatory but the water will be useful for drinking or helping to clear ice from your windscreen if necessary if you do not have an ice scrapper.

Stay sober

That extra Christmas tipple may well take you over the legal limit for driving and with 1 in 7 road deaths caused by drink drivers (Road Safety Week stats), drinking and then driving really is not worth it. If you plan on having a drink whilst out, either choose a designated driver to stay sober for the evening or book a taxi!

Road Safety Week runs from the 21st to 27th November and there are some fantastic tips on the website and some sobering statistics too. If you are planning on spending the Winter months on the road on 2 wheels (cyclists and motorcyclists… I’m looking at you!) then it’s an even more hazardous time of year and to ensure you do not suffer with a personal injury on the roads, you may find this infographic rather handy!

Stay safe on the roads this winter

A collaborative post.

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