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T’was The Night Before Christmas Sim Style

by S1m

Christmas has always been a special time in our family as my Dad’s birthday is on Christmas Eve and we have always tried to make it extra special… and memorable.

One of the greatest Christmases I had as a teenager was spending Christmas and New Year in Kenya to celebrate my Dad’s 50th birthday. Whilst everyone back in the UK was waking up to snow, I was swimming in the Indian Ocean, basking in 40 degree heat. That was 20 years ago this year, which puts even more pressure on to make my dad’s 70th birthday even more special… waking up in Manchester does not have the same appeal! Any suggestions would be welcome at this point!

My greatest Christmas ever was memorable for so many reasons though. Christmas 2008 will forever be etched in my mind as that was Mini Me’s actual due date… and the date that she most certainly did not arrive on, I clearly never do things by halves! Instead she made sure it was the most uncomfortable Christmas ever for myself and everyone else around me, as I was unable to get comfortable and certainly favoured bouncing around on a gym ball over relaxing on the sofa! I cursed each time the usual Christmas DFS Sofas adverts came on the TV… in fact, I pretty much cursed everything!

In fact, cooking the Christmas dinner on my due date was preferable to sitting down and even now I cringe at how much I barked at anyone who came near my kitchen that day to help me. True Sergeant Major mode kicked in and any little thing was the hugest annoyance.

The Christmas when Mini Me arrived

Feeling like the size of my house, all I wanted was my house to myself to try and relax in. Alas, with my parents also staying with us, it was very hard to not be the hostess when I should have been enjoying my last few days as a child free lady! Waking up at 5am the day before the grand arrival, I spent a few blissful hours on my own, in the most unflattering position on the sofa whilst everyone else slept, normality had somewhat been restored and I actually have the sofa to myself! I do not tend to wake up that early anymore thankfully!

Fortunately Mini Me finally arrived 5 days after Christmas Day and what was possibly the most shambolic dinner ever! Over the years whilst attempting to plan for my Dad’s birthday, Christmas and then Mini Me’s birthday, it has truly made me appreciate what a shocking time of year to have a birthday it is. Not only for the person celebrating their birthday but also for everyone else who has to attempt to make their birthday feel more like a birthday. It is hard to separate both occasions when balloons, banners and cards are all mixed in with Christmas decorations… and who can actually stomach another cake?!

Could you say it was my favourite uncomfortable Christmas moment so far? Absolutely! However all the cuddles and smiles definitely make it worth it… plus, I am back to fully relaxing on my sofa now and have never used a gym ball since!

This post is in conjunction with DFS but all thoughts are my own Visit their website to find out more about their great range of DFS Sofas.

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Hannah Spannah November 21, 2016 - 2:31 pm

That certainly sounds like an uncomfortable Christmas! Well done you for cooking! I’d have put my feet up and let everyone else do it. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

Jenny @ thebrickcastle November 22, 2016 - 2:51 pm

You must have been shattered! I imagine falling down on the sofa was exactly what you needed – and I appreciate the ‘hugely pregnant’ thing – once you get into a position that works when you are that pregnant, you stick with it, however daft you look that sofa is your mate! 😀

S1m November 22, 2016 - 8:41 pm

It wasn’t easy! I had to keep my temper in check! I’ve made up for lost sofa time now though! 😉


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