Festive Fitness Tips for Christmas from a Female Personal Trainer
image of fitness accessories and gift box

Festive Fitness Tips for Christmas from a Female Personal Trainer

Festive Fitness Tips for Christmas from a Female Personal Trainer

Don’t let those mince pies and cosy roaring fires tempt you completely off the sleigh this Christmas!

Once December rolls around and the advent calendars come out (let’s face it, they’re for adults too!), most of us tend to let our guard down when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

Then before you know it, you’ve been to the German Christmas Markets five times in as many days, eaten your body weight in stollen, consumed more bratwurst than should be humanly possible and have proceeded to write the whole month of December off before you’ve even made it into double figures on the calendar. We’ve all been there! But, believe it or not, it is possible to maintain a healthy diet and fitness routine and enjoy the best of the festive season, without your waistline ending up resembling that of Ol’ Saint Nick (with a hefty side of guilt and self-hatred on the side).

Festive Fitness Tips from a Personal Trainer
image of fitness accessories and gift box

Here are a few Festive Fitness Tips to help you stay on track this festive season, so there’s no need to feel guilty when you do indulge in a mince pie or four on Christmas Day!

Put your workout gear in your car ahead of time

You know what all those motivational gurus always say. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. While some may find this cheesy, there is actually merit in this advice and as a personal trainer it’s something I can relate to.

Popping your workout gear in the car is an absolute winner, as it takes away your need to go home and eliminates the risk of you feeling those ‘cosy night in’ symptoms, which can all too often lead us to abandon our exercise plans. Driving directly to your gym, sports club or personal training session can help you avoid distractions that may stop you reaching your destination.

Workout at home

If you’re not a fan of the cold weather (or putting on chilly workout gear that’s been sat in the car all day), why not try working out at home during the winter?

There’re plenty of instructional videos and workouts on YouTube that you can do from the comfort and warmth of your own home — and you don’t need to buy any expensive gym kit to complete them. Free bodyweight exercises are great for building and maintaining strong muscles. The best thing is you can do them anytime, anywhere!

Bonus tip: To make sure you stick to your exercise plans when you get in, lay out your workout gear in the morning before you go to work, so you’ve got a visual reminder of your intended exercise plans as soon as you get home.

Set yourself a challenge

If you don’t have a set fitness routine but want to make doubly sure you stay on track this Christmas, why not set yourself a personal challenge?

Hold yourself accountable (and reward yourself when it’s due)

At the end of the day, you’re the only person that can make or break your own rules. Try to make a concerted effort to hold yourself accountable, especially if you’ve set yourself a challenge.

At the end of each week, set aside some time to reflect on your fitness goals. What could you have done differently? Could you have put your gym kit in the car ready, prepared the veggies in advance for dinner, or squeezed in a 15-minute workout instead of reading the continual dramas on Facebook? Once you assess your actions, it’s easier to make the changes to do better next time.

Likewise, make sure you take note of what you did well, even if it’s simply that you stuck to your fitness plans for the whole week. If you’re hitting your targets each week, however small those targets are, it’s important to reward yourself for your hard work and dedication. Try to choose something that makes you feel good, like a spa treatment, a trip to the cinema or a relaxing night in, as your treat for staying focused. You’ll appreciate it so much more and it’ll be totally guilt-free!

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