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Would You Ever Move To The Middle Of Nowhere?

by S1m
middle of nowhere

I am a total home-bird these days, whether it be down to age or simply the fact that I am quite stubborn I do not know, however I really do miss my home comforts when I am away from the comfort of my own 4 walls.

When Flogas posed the question ‘What would I miss if I lived in the middle of nowhere?’ as part of their #IWouldMiss campaign, I was utterly stumped… for I would miss too much!

The convenience of not having a supermarket within a 2 mile radius would grate heavily. Something we all take for granted, especially myself as I have about 4 supermarkets within a 10 minute drive – running out of an item is never a great hardship as I can simply pop out and pick it up… along with 5 other items I don’t actually need! The upside to living in the middle of nowhere would actually mean you save money on shopping!

Would you ever move to the middle of nowhere?

middle of nowhere

How idyllic would it be to live here though?

Not having friends on my doorstep would make me feel very isolated. I love knowing they are literally on my doorstep and see them every day. Conversations are never dull, even when there is no gold plated gossip to be discussed!

When I lived in London, the fast paced lifestyle almost became the norm, so the move back to Manchester really did upset me and it took a while to readjust to the slower lifestyle the city offered. Now however, I am totally used to the quieter life, steadily bobbing along in the middle lane and know I would miss this too much… silence can sometimes be deafening and I already know I would struggle to live in the middle of nowhere!

Ok, so flipside… what wouldn’t I miss?

Providing that the middle of nowhere had a better climate than Manchester, I certainly would not miss the rain or the need for an umbrella at all times… nor my next door neighbours… you’ve all heard the stories right?

If you are considering a move to a more rural location, then necessities such as utilities are the first item you would want to consider. Heating, electricity and water are essentials I would most certainly miss, so checking out domestic or even business gas from Flogas, who offer lots of solutions would be a great start to ensuring the basic necessities follow you to the middle of nowhere!

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Cat hooper January 9, 2017 - 9:55 pm

Ooh no I’d never leave the ‘burbs! I love being close to city centre action but near the countryside for an escape!

Hannah Spannah January 20, 2017 - 10:52 am

I went from the country, North Yorkshire, to London and back again. I missed London, like you, so much but I love the quiet life now. If I had family close by, I could move to the middle of no where but as a single mum, not on my own! #weekendblogshare


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