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What Are The On Trend Hairstyles For 2017

by S1m
Hairstyles for 2017

Just before Christmas I had a mad moment where after 5 years of rocking the blonde look I decided to become a brunette again. Totally spur of the moment and a radical change for me but a look that I am slowly getting used to. Although I do find myself looking at the latest blonde styles and wonder if it would be wise to slowly lighten up in the run up to summer!

What hairstyles and products will we all be rocking in 2017?

The Modern Bob

A favourite classic look that never actually goes out of fashion, however it can be enhanced. This year we are likely to see variations on shorter backs and longer lengths to the front with a softer texture, helping hair to move freely.

Hairstyles for 2017

The Natural Hair Look

A particular look that I rock a lot of the time, the focus will be on the un-styled hair. Think rocking the ‘bed head’ look without any product used to tame the Simba mane. It is perfect for those who tend to be in a rush, especially when on the school run and is clearly very inexpensive to maintain.

Hairstyles for 2017

Silicone-Free Styling

The new thing… silicone- free hair styling products are going to be popular in 2017! Most shampoos and conditioners contain silicone which can mask underlying damage to the hair with a synthetic shine. We may sometimes find that our hair is dulling with the constant use of the same products and swap to a new brand, however that is not necessary with silicone-free products. The Matrix range includes not only the Sugar Shine shampoo and conditioner but also Polishing Hair Scrub and Illuminating Mist – a product range that will most certainly nourish your locks from root to tip and give your hair a healthy look.


If you find yourself with thinning hair you may worry about the result that time will offer, however there are many hair transplant procedures on offer that can help if this is a route you wish to take.

FUE which stands for follicular unit transplantation is a procedure that requires the extraction of hair follicles from a donor area, generally the nape of the neck and are then implanted in the re-growth area by use of a powerful stereo microscope. The FUE hair transplant cost may be a factor in your consideration of the process and each patient is different, however it is well worth checking out for peace of mind.

What hairstyles will you be rocking for 2017?

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