What Will I Be Aiming For In 2017 – The New Year Resolution Post!

What Will I Be Aiming For In 2017 – The New Year Resolution Post!

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As usual, I am totally late to the party, however it’s about time I got my butt into gear and wrote my New Year post!

I’ve taken my time writing this post, mainly for the fact I do not have any New Year’s resolutions as such. For the past few years my main goals have been to lose weight, stop drinking and stop smoking… typical resolutions that most have every year. We all start the year afresh with a ‘New Year, New Me’ attitude, quite frankly… I quite like the ‘me’ I was in 2016!

I just don’t think those resolutions would inspire me or motivate me anymore, because I have already achieved them successfully. My thinking is that I will set random goals that will keep me going and certainly help myself and my lifestyle evolve.

What will be my aims for 2017 then?

New Year Aim To Visit Stamford Bridge

To visit Stamford Bridge

Visiting the home of my beloved Chelsea FC was a goal for Mini Me and myself last year… we were so close, so very close with tickets offered to two highly sought after games, alas, it was not meant to be. However after the approval of the new stadium was given the green light yesterday, it would be amazing to see the current ground before it is developed!

To utilise my social media accounts that are currently underused

Twitter and Facebook are the main accounts that are used to promote Sim’s Life work, however I did immerse myself in the Instagram world last year and nurtured the related account. It has worked absolute wonders and the time spent on it has certainly helped my followers and engagement grow significantly. I follow some wonderful accounts that offer fantastic inspiration – my bucket list of places to visit has certainly increased somewhat and I am finding Instagram is becoming my favourite social media platform. It is very easy to use and a great way of getting the word out there – Instagram videos are something I need to look into further. If you fancy checking out my account, you can follow me here.

Pinterest confuses me greatly, I do use it as a platform to promote posts featured on Sim’s Life, however can hold my hands up and honestly say that I have no idea how to use it, so this is definitely on the list of things to learn!

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See the World

I do want to try and get out more with Mini Me, make the most of our weekends and explore what is around us. I can easily take where I live for granted, however with the Lake District, Peak District and coast so very close to us, I feel more weekend breaks away could be on the cards and with several travel blogs under the Sim’s Life umbrella (Travel Guide Blog), it would be great to bring them to life and take my work in a more focused direction!

So there we go, my aims for this year and aims that are all achievable if I put the time and effort in… and stop procrastinating! Have you set any for this year and have you already started?

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  1. Jenny @ thebrickcastle

    I am really pleased you like the 2016 you, because I think in many ways you’ve chilled and relaxed and seem a lot happier and more content than the 2015 Sim x

  2. Dean

    Wishing you all the best and plenty of exploring this year!

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