Choosing My Ideal Holiday Destination With Explore Travel

Choosing My Ideal Holiday Destination With Explore Travel

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Yesterday was one of ‘those’ working days that I love the most, as the day was spent with Travel Guide Blog and friends in Manchester… all in the name of work.

I had been asked by Explore Travel to take part in a unique travel based experiment, that would measure my reactions to visual travel stimuli using state-of-the-art technology and would suggest the perfect holiday for me based on my emotional responses. Sounds awesome right? It totally was!

Not knowing what to expect, we turned up at the Manchester Arndale to be greeted by a pod very reminiscent of that in the Big Brother Diary Room… the pod was awesome and I am already thinking of how I could incorporate one into my living room!

Explore Travel

Hooked up to a special headset that interprets the subsequent electrical activity from the scalp and measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain. Basically, the headset reads emotional responses to snippets of holiday footage taken by previous Explore travellers, my own reading  totally amazed me. The snippets featured all types of activity based holidays that Explore offer, such as walking, cycling, cultural and wildlife based holidays – part of the over 500 trips on offer in over 120 countries.

Explore Travel Pod

The holiday footage truly was amazing and it really did make me long to book a holiday somewhere warm and far off the beaten track.

Naturally there is one particular holiday destination that never fails to make me smile and feel positive and as such the technology suggested Italy as my perfect destination. What I would give to be in Italy right now, enjoying a coffee in a cafe on the Amalfi Coast… my idea of true bliss!

However, with the readings heading towards a walking based holiday, a momentary lapse in concentration sent my readings a little haywire and my suggestion was a cycling holiday based in Italy. I will take the destination but not the activity… most people know that cyclists are the bane of my life! I will be looking into the amazing family holidays that Explore Travel have to offer, including a Family Atlas Adventure in Morocco… from £499 without flights.

Explore Travel Pod
A lucky lady who’s suggestion was Jordan!

The reading did surprise me and give me food for thought, along with all the other participants too and I am sure that several holidays will be looked into from the readings. In fact… I’m off to check out the Explore Travel website right now!

Thank you to the lovely people at Explore for the chance to take part in this awesome experience. I was paid for the opportunity to work on this opportunity.

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  1. Clarissa Hulme

    What a great experience this was! As I am not normally a beach person my destination ‘Jordan’ is something I will be looking into quite soon. I feel the need for a more cultural holiday and will definitely be giving Explore travel a call!

  2. Jenny @ thebrickcastle

    I thought it really was fascinating. I loved doing it, and I was delighted with my suggestion of Thailand! I love the culture and history, although the humidity scares me!

  3. Becky

    Oh that sounds an interesting way to pick a holiday!

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