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5 Online Tips for Work-at-Home Productivity

by S1m
Work At Home

Small business owners, bloggers, remotely workers at companies across the world: these are all careers that have become common and viable ways to earn a living in the digital era. The internet plays a vital role in many of these types of jobs, and using it effectively will put you on the path to success.

It would be an understatement to say that the internet has changed the way we live our lives. It has not only created digital and social platforms that billions of people use daily, but it has revolutionised every industry. As modern technology has evolved, it has created new business opportunities and careers that wouldn’t exist without it. A prime example is the ability to work from home with access to all the resources of a modern day office.

Working from home may sound like a luxury to most, but productivity can often be difficult to maintain, especially with regards to web-based activity. So here are a few tips to get the most out of your website.

High-Quality Website/Web Hosting is Crucial

The internet is a huge part of the modern business world. Without a website, a company will struggle to compete with rivals that do. E-commerce has completely changed the retail sector. If you happen to be in this sector, you’re going to need a website.

If you are someone who uses a website as a primary source of income (small business owner, blogger, freelancer), you need to understand that your site is a reflection of yourself as an industry professional. The design, web copy, and content you post on a blog are all aspects that will help customers/followers develop an opinion of you.

If you want a decent website you need to invest in a website hosting service of a similar quality. This will give you a custom domain name and web space to create a site to be proud of. A high-quality web hosting provider will give you access to the necessary resources and hardware essential for continued online success.

Work At Home

Use Social Media for Business

In its most basic form, social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a way to interact with friends and see what people have been up to, but social media has also become the most effective marketing tool available for businesses.

At the tail end of 2016, Facebook recorded 1.86 billion monthly users, meaning that if you use Facebook as well as other social networks to market a business or blog your potential audience is absolutely ginormous. If you don’t have an active web presence or activity via social media, then you stand to fall behind in the competition.

It’s become commonplace for people to become distracted by social media and spend hours upon hours scrolling through an endless timeline of updates, but using it in the right ways for business can prove to be an extremely beneficial marketing tool.

Look for Ways to Make Extra Money

If you work remotely for a company that’s established and successful, then extra cash may not be necessary. However, if you’re working from home starting a small business or blogging, then some additional funds may come in handy.

Many small business owners will resort to side jobs and other work while their business takes some time to turn a profit. Blogging can be a highly-profitable enterprise if you embrace all that technology has to offer and allow your blog to work effectively for you.

A way of doing this is starting a reseller web hosting business. This means that you will purchase a Windows reseller hosting package from a website hosting provider, which you will then be able to sell on to your soon-to-be customers. Many bloggers do this as there are minimal start-up costs involved and the hosting provider handles the majority of the work.

Accounting Software Will Come in Handy

People who work from home, unless they do so remotely as an employee of a company, will be self-employed — be it as a small business owner, freelancer, or blogger. This will require you to keep your finances in order, which can cause issues if you’re someone who’s unorganised or forgetful when it comes to keeping accounts up to date.

Accounting software is a fantastic resource for the self-employed. Not only is it relatively easy to setup and maintain, but it will do the maths for you when it comes to working out your ingoings and outgoings. Ideal when it’s time to file your tax return.

It’s important to remember that accounting software can only do so much and, unfortunately, it’s not a genius accounting robot sent from the future. While accountancy software does make bookkeeping a less testing task, it’s still worth seeking out the services of a qualified accountant to make sure everything is in order. for more information on making tax digital software visit https://www.pkfcooperparry.com/

Work From Home Apps

“There’s an app for everything these days.” If you can think of something that should have an app, it probably does have one by now. If it doesn’t, it will do soon.

The business world is no different and has been similarly affected by the influx of apps, many of which are designed with the purpose of improving the productivity of those who work remotely or from home.

Communication apps such as Slack allow a large number of people/employees to communicate via a high-quality instant messaging service. Keeping track of how many hours you’ve spent working is hard, which is why apps like Hubstaff have become so useful for remote workers and small businesses who need to know exactly how much time is spent on projects.

With regards to apps that directly affect the productivity of your day-to-day work, some worth mentioning are Dropbox for file storage, Google Docs for file sharing, as well as unique apps such as Noisli that will play a variety of sounds that aid your ability to focus on the task at hand.

The internet is an incredible tool, and the ability to wield it even semi-skillfully will provide several benefits for business. Working from home, much like the rest of the business world, has been revolutionised due to modern tech. And the tips above are just a few that will improve your productivity and success with day-to-day business tasks.

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