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The Therapy of Play: Real Reasons Apps and Games are Not a Waste of Time

by S1m
learn through apps

It’s estimated there are about 2 billion smartphone owners worldwide. With this huge volume of smartphones being used every single day, it makes sense to assume that millions of app downloads occur continuously. Whilst some apps, notably social media related, are often considered a distraction and waste of time, this unfortunately creates a negative stereotype surrounding all apps.

Whilst many of us are guilty of occasionally spending too long using an app, the general enjoyment that comes with using apps and games can actually provide considerable benefits. From stress relief to mood improvement, having fun with games and apps should most definitely not be considered a waste of time if done realistically and in moderation. If you currently consider apps to be a waste of time, keep reading to discover their true benefits and you might just change your mind!

Improved concentration

 Studies have consistently shown that the more time you take to relax and do something you enjoy, the better your level of focus is. Imagine having a full day of non-stop work – it’s likely by the time you get about halfway through, your concentration levels will slowly start to decrease and become less focused. But, if you take regular breaks to recuperate and ‘re-charge’ your brain power, your concentration is a lot more likely to remain high and alert.

learn through apps

Whether you enjoy fun games like Candy Crush or therapeutic colouring activities from Colouring Book for Me & Mandala, taking short bursts of time to yourself using an app you find enjoyable is likely to improve your concentration in the long run.

Stress relief

It’s totally normal to feel stressed from time to time, but if it begins to take over your life it’s time to allow yourself a release. With the huge variety of apps available these days, you’re guaranteed to find something that specifically targets stress-relieving activities such as meditation if that’s what you’re looking for.

But simply enjoying a short time playing your favourite game and having fun is an almost guaranteed stress reliever to see you through. Simply taking time out from whatever it is that’s making you stressed and temporarily distracting yourself with some app fun is a great coping mechanism.

Better connections

For those who use interactive apps that connect you to others, making friends and meeting new people is a huge benefit. Whether its playing games with someone and building a connection from there, or even using a dating app to potentially find ‘the one’, apps offer a huge array of opportunities to connect with brand new people you’d otherwise never have contacted.

Whilst apps and games can be detrimental if you spend too much time on them in moderation, they’re certainly not a waste of time and can provide solutions for a variety of issues. From stress relief to making new friends, the opportunities that come hand-in-hand with today’s apps are virtually endless – you just need to find your favourite!

Collaborative post: Imogen Graham is a therapist who encourages play and trying out new hobbies to stop the mind from overworking.

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Hannah Spannah March 10, 2017 - 11:17 am

This is really interesting and it’s nice to read something positive about the new ‘smartphone’ world that we love in. We evolve and whatever’s helps someone relax and isn’t detrimental to their life, has to be a good thing. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare


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