Trialling The -Ten- Anti Ageing Skincare Range

Finding the elixir that will not necessarily halt the ageing process, but at least ensure my face stands the test of time is somewhat daunting. With so many skincare creams on the market, where do you actually start? What ingredients should you be looking out for and will the creams actually work as expected?

I have recently been putting the -Ten- Anti Ageing range of skincare creams to good use with high hopes of a noticeable difference in how my skin deals with the ageing process.

Anti Ageing Creams

The range includes four essential must-have products including: Anti Ageing Cream, Instant Lifting Cream, Revive Eye Contour and Luminescence Skin Exfoliating Cream. All the products in the range are formulated to help combat the visible signs of ageing an it is recommended that the products are used regularly to maximise the results.

Anti Ageing

The Revive Eye Contour cream is bar far my favourite product in the range. By simply applying a small dot of cream with your finger tip, dab the cream around the eye bone and allow to dry and absorb into the skin. The cream has a thick consistency and for that I felt reassured that it was going to tackle the ‘crow’s feet’ lines that are around my eyes – I much prefer to think of them as laughter lines though! The fragrance is very gentle and it’s good to know that the range is free from Paraben, Ethanol, Formaldehyde, Dyes, Colouring, Phtalates, Lanolin, Soap and other baddies. The Revive Eye Contour does contain Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Argireline – I’d never heard of this ingredient either, however it is considered to be ‘Botox In A Jar!’ So with regular use, this product will definitely be a lifeline! Priced at £29.70 for 30ml directly from or

Anti Ageing

The Instant Lifting Cream provides a wonderful boost for the morning school run and I have noticed that upon applying my skin does actually glow and is visibly more radiant. The cream has a light consistency and is very easy to apply – the cream helps to visibly brighten skin (it does!), reduce fine lines and wrinkles (I think I need to use a lot more of it!) and cleans and rejuvenates skin (applying after cleansing does give a clean and radiant look as well as feel!). Priced at £29.70 for 50ml, the key ingredients that make this cream so lovely are Alpha Hydroxyl Acids and Golden Jojoba Oil. As with all the products in the range, the creams have a very delicate fragrance, which is to be expected from natural skincare products.

Anti Ageing

The Anti Ageing Cream isn’t as thick as I expected it to be. It is very easy to apply to the skin and does absorb quickly, however from a cream that is to tackle lines and wrinkles, it would have expected it to be more of a cement type consistency. Combining lots of proven moisturising ingredients, vitamins and oils, the key ingredients are Rice Bran Oil and Jojoba Oil. These are high quality active ingredients, that are all natural and together help restore the skin’s elasticity and moisture content. I can suffer with dry skin, but have noticed that my face does feel nourished and soft when using this cream. A lover of the sun, it’s also reassuring to know that this cream also helps to naturally fight the UV rays without feeling like I am clogging my skin with sun-care products. Priced at £34.50 for 50ml.

Anti Ageing

The Luminescence Skin Exfoliation cream again was lighter in consistency than expected and did not contain any of the grainy ingredients I have come to expect from an exfoliation cream. Containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which are natural acids derived from the sugar of plants, the acids actually have molecules small enough to penetrate the primary layer of skin and reach the second layer (dermis). Helping to cleanse the skin of dead cells, the skin will look more radiant and feel softer with continued use. Priced at £34.50 per 50ml.

My problem is that I am far too impatient and I love to see immediate results. There is no denying that the -Ten- range works and my skin does look and feel more radiant, but I also want to look 10 years younger, like yesterday! I am aware this is going to be a slow burner but fortunately, the -Ten-range is enjoyable and super easy to use. Knowing that my skin is in theory drinking all natural products is very reassuring and for that the creams are slightly kinder to the skin.

The packaging is minimal but gives the skincare range the high quality feel it deserves and the pots certainly do not look out of place in my bathroom. The -Ten- range also includes products for babies as well as mums and is definitely worth a try! The full range of products can be found at


  1. Kamsin says:

    I’ve always found drinking lots of water to be the most effective anti-aging regime. It’s cheaper than all the creams to. Lol.


  2. kareen says:

    Thanks for your sharing about “TEN” range. I think beside drinking enough water, eating fruits,I will try to see if those creams are helpful for me.

    • S1m says:

      Water is most definitely the best thing and you do tend to notice a difference in your skin very quickly – creams do help though and the -TEN- range is lovely!

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