Giveaway: Win 20 Micro Pies From The New Holland’s Pies Range

Giveaway: Win 20 Micro Pies From The New Holland’s Pies Range

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Can you believe we are almost in May?

No, nor could I when I had to pull on my wellies and Winter coat for a refreshing hike yesterday… refreshing being the operative word. We experienced sunshine, rain, hail, thunder, snow and then more sun again, all on the same day and there was only one thing for it… comfort food!

Thankfully I have several Holland’s pies in my freezer, which take 3-4 minutes to cook from frozen in the microwave, so my go to was the Cheese and Onion Bigger Chippy Pie. Available from a chippy near you, these pies are now packed with 25% more filling… something that was definitely needed yesterday!

Holland’s Pies really are offering consumers more at the moment… hot on the tails of the recently launched Micro 2 Go Slices, not only do the Chippy pies contain 25% more filling, but there has been another new pie range launch!

Micro Pies Giveaway

All hail the Micro Pie – convenient, delicious, even crispier and offer the same oven baked taste – available in two scrumptious flavours. The Chicken, Leek & Bacon Micro Pie includes tasty British & Irish chicken, sliced leeks and smoked bacon, seasoned with pepper, parsley and thyme, in a creamy sauce, baked in Holland’s new microwavable shortcrust pastry. The Steak & Ale Micro Pie includes slow cooked tender prime steak in a light ale gravy, baked in Holland’s microwavable shortcrust pastry.

Available in over 400 Tesco stores around the UK, you can pick up the individually packaged Micro Pies from the frozen section for a RRP of £1.50. The susceptor packaging technology allows the pack to crisp the pastry during the cooking process creating an oven-baked taste in just four minutes… perfect for those who are hungry!

To celebrate the launch, Holland’s Pies and Sim’s Life have teamed up to offer viewers the chance to win 10 Micro Pie of each flavour… a total of 20 pies to fill your freezer! Simply enter using the Gleam entry form below and answer the question by leaving a blog comment below…

For more chances to win Holland’s Pies, hop over to the Manchester Mummy giveaway to win Micro Pies too! Good luck!

Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 14th April 2017.
One winning entry will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 20 x Micro Pies.
Open to UK residents only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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This Post Has 226 Comments

  1. Marlene Stevens

    Would love to enter, I love a good pie

    1. S1m

      Thank you for your entry, but please can I remind you that if you do not answer the question correctly then this comment will not count as a valid entry.

  2. clarissa hulme


  3. Louise Cochran-Mason

    Great Prize 🙂

  4. MM

    Sunday Roast Pie – could do a range, but basically a roast dinner in a pie with gravy – and mint sauce/apple sauce/cranberry sauce depending on the type of roast meat.
    It would be a winner (well, with me anyway!).

  5. Liam Bishop

    Macaroni Cheese and Chorizo. I’d probably just call it that!

  6. Tony Metcalfe

    Bubble and Squeak Pie, made up from the Sunday roast leftovers.

  7. Rachael H

    I’d like to see Holland’s do a vegan pie to compete with supermarket own brands and Linda McCartney

  8. Val Hartley

    I love a good pie & theses are very, very good.

  9. iain maciver

    love hollands pies, steak and chicken, delicious

  10. sarah evans

    Lamb and mint sauce …… Yum or a chicken and stuffing ooh i could go on and on

  11. Lauren Tourle

    Mine would be nacho chicken pie 🙂 that would be awesome 🙂 i would call it Nacho Pie Chick haha 🙂

  12. Fiona Martin

    I would call my pie ‘Cheesy Rootz’ and it’d be packed with red onion, parsnip, sweet potato, carrot, red pepper and cheese!

  13. Yet Another Blogging Mummy

    A sea sensation pie containing salmon and prawns in a pesto sauce

  14. Tracy Nixon

    Beef Yorkshire Pudding Pie and it would have roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, gravy and whole grain mustard as the filling!

  15. Lisa Pope

    Veggie delight – Mixed roasted Mediterranean Veg with a ciabatta & parmesan crumb topping

  16. Juli Savage

    A spicy vegetable pie and name is Savage Pie

  17. kev banham

    Sausage and mash pie

  18. Annabel Greaves

    Pie in the Sky x

  19. Sharon worsley

    Haggis and malt whisky

  20. stuart hargreaves

    healthy pies – made of spinach, parsnip and ginger name veggie deluxe

  21. Solange

    It would be called ‘Shut Your Pie Hole’ and would be meaty chicken and tender vegetables in a flaky butter crust.

  22. Cherry Edwards

    It would be called the Miss Cherry Pie ( mystery pie but my name is Cherry so it’s Miss Cherry! )and it would have either steak, red wine and onion or chicken and Sage and onion stuffing with gravy inside but you wouldn’t know which until you bit into it, hence the mystery.

  23. Lorraine Rivers

    Fingers crossed, yummy pies, Piggin pie it would be Sausage, carmelised onion and sage.

  24. Debbie W

    It would be brie, cranberry and big chunks of turkey and gammon in flaky pastry. Possibly a slug of white wine in the gravy.

  25. darren hay

    Tourtiere du shack which is a pie made with two types of pork for extra meaty goodness.

  26. Kim Neville

    My favourite is chicken and mushroom but would put coriander in it so call it chickencori

  27. KATHY D


  28. Tania Atfield

    Chicken, leek and asparagus pie and I would call it Cheeky chicken pie

  29. Vivien Baird

    I would have Salmon,Prawn and white fish done in a cream sauce and call it swimmingly Good Pie

  30. Alica

    Cheese and leek with bacon so a quiche pie! 🙂

  31. gemma brown

    I would do broccoli and stilton and call it broccoli and stilton hehe

  32. Keith Hunt

    monday night filler – curry veg

  33. Tracy Clark

    it would be chili flavour and i would call it the red hot one

  34. T Brailey

    lamb and mint tang

  35. Alice Dixon

    I would make a Hunter pie. Hunters chicken and bacon and cheese!

  36. KK

    Minted veg and lamb

  37. Alexandra oliver

    A Twin Peaks pie with apple, coffee and small chocolate bunnies…

  38. A Flannery

    I would make ‘Scrumptious Steak and Ale’ pie using local ingredients and ale from our local brewery … yummy!

  39. Kathleen marsden

    I’m Northern and have eaten Hollands Pies since The year dot and I’m now nearly 60. I love them and so do all my family. Keep up the good work.

  40. Kathleen marsden

    By the way forgot to say in my excitement that I would make a fish pie for a change. Smoked cod and salmon

  41. Iona Cornish

    Chicken Spectacular – Chicken, Bacon, Red Onion, Garlic and Cheese

  42. Harline

    Steak and kidney called big muncher

  43. Emily Knight

    It would be called “Say Cheese” – a combination of all different cheeses with veg and ham!

  44. Dawn Brodribb

    I would have leek, red lester cheese and potato pie witha hint of pickle!

  45. Stacey Carnell

    I would call it “Easy cheesy” and it would have cheese, tomato and onion in it 🙂

  46. clair downham

    caribean lamb curry pie yummy


    Chicken & Leek in cheese sauce

  48. sarah rees

    id love something cheesy with lots of veggies

  49. laura banks

    i would have make a chorizo and chicken pie

  50. MelK

    Cheese and onion pie. Chonion pie. Yum!

  51. sarah birkett

    what about pork, apple and sultana? pork surprise?

  52. Lee Ritson

    A nice simple chickeroni pie.. chicken and pepperoni.. yum!

  53. Lynda Jones

    My pie would be called the Gorgeous Gravy * Beef Pie, I do think the gravy is very important to the pie as well as the meat With my pie you would know exactly what you are getting

  54. lyn truman

    The ultimate comfort food!

  55. Sophie Foulds

    Bacon and cheese pie!! Sounds delicious xxx

  56. daniel baugh

    Pepperoni Pizza Pie, it could be called “Like a big Pizza Pie, that’s Amore”

  57. laura stewart

    i would love to make egg and bacon pie x

  58. Carole E

    I would make a sweet pie of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and thick cream and call it a ‘Summer Pie’

  59. Elisabeth Ries

    “Blue Berry Beef”, consisting of Blue cheese, blackberry and of course beef.

  60. Michelle Chapman

    cauliflower, sweet potato and extra cheese pie with black pepper and I would call it the veggie hotpot extravaganza

  61. Sarah Morris

    I would make a chicken curry pie with peas and onion in it, it would be called Curry Crustpot.

  62. Kimberley Rippon

    I ❤️ Lamb and mint pies, but would add red wine and too I would call it the taste of spring pie

  63. jessica woods

    Pizza style fillings and call it pizza pie!

  64. Victoria Hemmings

    I would invent sweet peanut butte and chicken pie called Sweety Pie

  65. Emily Clark

    Aubergine and mozzeralla – a parmigiana pie!

  66. Anthony Harrington

    cheese, red onion and red peppers, I would call it cheesey charmer

  67. Alice GW

    macaroni cheese pie.. mmm.. also anything with mozzarella..

  68. Alison Johnson

    It would have to be a vegetarian pie, maybe a cauliflower cheese pie? I’d call it a CC pie.

  69. melanie stirling

    It would be mature cheddar and tomato pie for me and I’d call it Cheddar Gorge pie.

  70. Natalie Crossan

    I’d make a vegetarian pizza with meditteranian veg – called the italiano x

  71. Joanne Fear

    The BeanTown pig

  72. carole nott

    i would have a spicy chicken pie called spicy chicken!

  73. Stuart Brown

    beef curry for me

  74. George Johnson

    Chicken and bacon

  75. Amanda

    Ham, Pineapple and dough – my favourite pizza topping!
    I would call it the Tropical Pie

  76. Hali Kinson

    Bacon and sausage and beans, i would​ call it breakfast pie

  77. Julie Henderson

    bacon & cheese

  78. susan hoggett

    I would invent an Italian Escape pie with chicken, mushroom and smoked pancetta cubes in a creamy sauce containing mozzarella, parmesan, and pesto.

  79. Kim Carberry

    I think I would like a pizza pie with lots of cheese and pizza toppings in it. hehehe

  80. Lyndsey

    i would put sausage casserole in a pie and call it sausage delight

  81. andrea tinkler

    mine would be steak ale and cheese and be called a steaky surprise

  82. Hayley Lynch

    Battered Pie ….Fish and chip filling

  83. Maggie Coates

    I would choose a mix of meat and veg, for example roast beef and butternut squash.

  84. Anne

    Pie in the Stye…a pulled pork and bbq sauce pie!

  85. Jade Adams

    A chicken & chorizo pie called Fajita Pie

  86. Heather Bowie

    Burns Supper Pie, with haggis neeps and tatties

  87. Micheala osullivan

    I’d like to see a cabbage and bacon flavour pie

  88. Mel Turner

    Turners surprise Pie

  89. Helen Stratton

    Sausage and onion gravy pie – Bangers Pie.

  90. Kay Sherman

    Chicken chorizo and sweet corn

  91. Laura Nice

    Roast chicken dinner!

  92. Ailsa

    The Humphrey pie. And beef and mushroom with Guinness

  93. Gavin

    Breakfast Pie.
    Sortcrust pastry, sausage and bacon holding a baked egg.

  94. Jenna Parrington


  95. Kelly Hirst

    A Greek pie – feta and olive with red onion

  96. Samantha Woodlock

    hangover special, sausage bacon and scrambled egg

  97. Mark Bradbury

    I have never tried your pies. But I hear good feedback from people that have tried your pies.

  98. Iris W

    Beef and mushroom stroganoff filling unsure about what to call it maybe a Strogi Pie

  99. Katrina Fox

    African Peanut Pie- a take on my favourite soup, tomato base with chilli, ginger and peanut butter. It really works!

  100. Lorraine Langham

    I would put turkey, leek and a creamy white sauce in my pie. I would name it Paul’s Signature Pie (after our pet chicken Paul – hence the meat being turkey rather than chicken!)

  101. Fiona Smith

    These look delicious!

  102. Abigail Cullen

    Chicken and stuffing pie, called the Sunday Roast.

  103. Susan Ellins

    Hunter’s chicken pie

  104. mari sutherland

    The range would be Pietastic! and for starters I would do a cottage pie with sweet potato and feta topping

  105. Kathy Cakebread

    The chicken spectacular – made of chicken, mushroom and onions

  106. Lorna Ledger

    LAD pie (lorna, Abigail Dave pie – our family) it would have chorizo, cheese sauce, chicken, mushrooms, onions and bacon – ooooh yes!

  107. Allan Wilson

    Carbonnara Pie. We have the Macaroni pie so lets go one step further.

  108. Inga Andersen

    I’d invent a sausage and bean pie 🙂

  109. Sharon Williams

    I’d have to have a haggis beeps and tattie pie to remind me of home. I’d have to call it Haneeta after the fillings


    I would name it Pie Suprise and the flavour would be sausage with carrots/peas


    Xmas Pie – filled with turkey, cranberry and some stuffing for good measure

  112. charlotte

    steak and cheese! and name it the same mmm

  113. Dot Hurst

    Other half loves pies.x

  114. Jo Glasspool

    pork, onions and cheese and called it cheesy pig!

  115. Steve Dickinson

    Lamb and mint

  116. Cupcake R

    Lemon chicken with tarragon- called a citrus burst pie

  117. leanne weir

    Chicken and chorizo

  118. Zoe Trelfa-porter

    I’d make a pie with slow cooked lamb with sweet potatoe in a red currant wine sauce

  119. Andrea Upton

    I like cheese so my pie would have to have lots of cheese in it and I would call it Cheese and more cheese

  120. ELISHA

    ‘I WANT A BREKKIE pie’- contents of breakfast for the filling

  121. Christine

    The pizza pie – mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and roasted veggies!

  122. Ron Goodwin

    Pink Cottage – New pie containing Raspberries & Cottage Cheese.

  123. Stevie

    Stella Artois and kebab. I’d call it Friday night, Saturday morning.

  124. Ema J Lowe

    I would love to see toad in the hole pie. pastry on the outside with a Yorkshire pudding inside with chopped up sausages and onion. Would call is sausage surprise.

  125. judy kennedy

    ‘Cheesy peasy spud pie’. Onions, spuds, peas and cheese

  126. Mary H

    Ewe Kidding Me? Mutton and lamb in a tasty gravy with redcurrant jelly

  127. Tracey Belcher

    Kentish Maidens Crust – Lovely Romney Marsh Lamb and mint pie with a super buttery crust

  128. michelle speight

    roast dinner pie

  129. Zoe Payne

    sausage and mash pie

  130. Elaine Garrett

    Chicken and asparagus. I would call it the Asparagasm pie

  131. Linda Ford

    We would create the Fordy pie, it would contain bitesize pieces of beef steak in gravy with green beans!

  132. Lynda Graham

    Breakfast Pie – bacon, sausage ,egg, mushrooms. Brekkie and Brunch in one quick tasty Micro Pie.

  133. Christina Curtis

    Cheesey Delight Bite! – It would contain cheese, onion, potato, bacon and Pepper.

  134. Sam R

    Would love a steak, onion and carrot pie! would call it a ‘hearty’ pie.

  135. Amanda Richardson

    Lancashire cheese and steak pie and call it a Lancashire specialty pie

  136. Robert Price

    Sausage and onion and call it Hotdog

  137. olivia Kirby

    Stilton, Walnut and Ham hock pie – The Meltonian.

  138. Claire Davies

    Bertie Pie and it would be Beef, Beetroot and Ginger – gorgeous combination!

  139. Pam Smith

    A chilli con carne Pie called The Saucy Mexican

  140. martin woodhead

    bacon sausage beans mushrooms tomato and potato
    the breakfast pie

  141. Joanna Ford

    I would have a cheesy bolognaisse pie cause cheesognaisse!

  142. Jo W

    A beer and pork scratchings pie called scratchy beer pie. Deeeeeeeelicious!

  143. Niki Wardle

    A hunters chicken pie with lots of gooey cheese and bbq chicken with chunks of bacon… Yum!

  144. Rich Tyler

    I’d like to try a Thai Green Curry Pie!

  145. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    Mediterranean Mix Pie – feta, roasted veg

  146. Alix Boswell

    Chicken, cheese, leek and gravy! I’d call it CHEESEY LEEKY!

  147. Paula Phillips

    A patty pie – lots of corned beef and potatoes and no onion.

  148. Alex telford

    Lamb shank, mint jelly & veggies, it would probably just be called lamb and mint wysiwyg

  149. Zoey P

    Breakfast pie

  150. Ursula Hunt

    Flavours of summer and fun, strawberries, cream and champagne

  151. Carol Penelope Cann

    Chicken, cheese, bacon and brocolli
    and I would call it- pen’s perfect pie

  152. louise lumsden

    macaroni cheese and smoked bacon pie

  153. Kelly Hanson

    Ham, brie and apricot chutney and I’d call it Hambricot heaven 🙂

  154. kate kathurima

    Beef stew with Stilton – a cheesy cow


    Potato and Wasabi, can’t think of a name for it

  156. Ann Skamarauskas

    Cranberry and apple pie – Crapple Pie 🙂

  157. Georgina sudron

    Full English breakfast pie
    Hangover pie

  158. carol boffey

    cheese and beans yummy

  159. Patricia Avery

    Creamy chicken and asparagus. I’d call it A-VERY tasty pie using my surname 🙂

  160. Emily Hutchinson

    Cheese, potato, pea and corned beef. I’d call it the Emily Pie as it would just be cool to have a pie named after me!

  161. sadie coffin

    Veggie delight and would have sweet potato, leeks, beetroot, chard, onion and goats cheese

  162. sheri darby

    Mighty veggy – with spices, chick peas, potatoes, cauliflower and carrots

  163. Alison

    Chicken and stilton which would be imaginatively called the same

  164. Annette Oliver

    Leaky pot, leek and potato

  165. Ellen Stafford

    Christmas Dinner – it would have turkey and all the trimmings in. 🙂

  166. Kelly Goodall

    Sunday Dinner Pie – Chicken, Potato, Veg and a bit of suffing

  167. Hazel Murphy

    “Murphy Pie ” is made with Minced lamb and sweet potato in a spiced pastry crust.

  168. Karen Dixon

    Lamb, mint and potato

  169. Victoria Morris

    I’d invent the cheeky chicken madras pie 🙂

  170. Kristy Brown

    Cluckys Crack – chicken, mushroom, garlic and creamy cheese

  171. Kerry Smith

    Slow cooked chilli short crust pie. Texas Dan’s chilli crust

  172. Allison Sherwood

    Allie’s amazing Cheesy Mac pie…filled with delicious macaroni cheese

  173. wendy gordon

    as a Wiganer any opportunity for a pie is good

  174. adrian price


  175. Lou Green

    Spring Pie- lamb and minted peas.

  176. Mike W

    The Everlasting Mince Beef And Gravy Pie, I think the flavour is somewhat self-explanatory!

  177. Tom Morrison

    Spam and baked beans, I’d call it a Beanfeast

  178. elizabeth philip

    My pie would be “BeefStu” I was called Beef as a kid and partner is Stu so we have been known as BeefStu lol. It would be a nice stewy beef pie with mature cheese in it and sweet onions.
    I have never has a micro pie before, sound good 🙂

  179. Mia Clarke

    roast chicken = chicken stuffing bacon cranberry and gravy

  180. Cerys John

    I’d have a cheese, leek and sausage pie called the comfort pie 🙂

  181. Maria P

    Chicken, peas and cheese – this would be an all time favourite

  182. Jenny Jones

    oh wow would love these

  183. leighanne palfrey

    Beef veg and gravy and I’d call them magic because as soon as I make them they dissappear

  184. Rose Janes

    My pie would be called Rosie’s beef surprise. Chunky beef with rich onion sauce layered with tasty cheddar and then crisp puff pastry.

  185. carmel pickering

    I love Hollands pies especially the Meat pies

  186. Kate Knight

    Ham and Chorizo – Piggy Pie

  187. Allan Fullarton

    Cheesy beef pie. Slow cooked beef with mature cheddar – lovely.

  188. Toni Pearson

    Turkey and cranberry pie, and I would call it Christmas dinner pie

  189. Margaret gallagher

    Cheesy lentil bake with pieces of smoky bacon – would be delicious

  190. zoe brown

    steak and wensleydale yummy

  191. ellie spider

    The chilli cheese dog pie – sliced smoked sausage, cheese, chili, mixed beans and onion filling

  192. Sarah Ann

    I’d love to invent a pie that contained goats cheese, olives, sundried tomatoes and spinach. It’s all ‘Greek Delight’

  193. Jessica Hutton

    Sausage, baked beans, bacon, egg, black pudding and I would name the big breakfast xx

  194. Sarah Austin

    Chicken fajita pie

  195. Victoria Middleton

    Chicken, White wine, cream and Tarragon Pie – Would call Drunk Cluckers or similar 😀

  196. Michelle Wild

    Asparagus and egg and would be called Eggyasp.

  197. kim wallace

    Fish and Chip pie would call Friday night Takeaway

  198. matt allison

    Mince, gravy, peas and carrots, shortcrust pastry and cheesy mash topping for a “I-Spy a cottage pie”

  199. Jamie C Millard

    bolognaise pie

  200. Joanne Casey

    I’d love turkey, cranberry & stuffing, I know its a Christmas filling but it just tastes so good!

  201. MICHELLE Stewart

    Chicken Korma

  202. Bev Cannar

    Duck and hoisin pie…mmmm

  203. Geoff Hibbert

    I’d call my pie Devil’s Breath and it would contain beef curry

  204. debra applegate

    Piggy pie – sliced up pigs in blankets and gravy

  205. Andrew Emery

    Chicken Enchilada pie or the Old Crusty Aztec

  206. michelle thompson

    the black pie ….

    black pudding and haggis with potatoes and carrots

  207. Emma

    Chicken and stuffing

  208. Carly Belsey

    Melted chocolate and fudge pie – a sweet one – different but yummy. I have a very sweet tooth lol. It would be called Chocolicious Fudge Pie

  209. EJ Dunn

    Mine would have to a lamb and mint pie! I would call it “Sunday’s Best”

  210. Linda Curtis

    this would be amazing to win

  211. Jacqueline Roberts

    I’d make a chicken supreme pie and call it The Pieana Boss

  212. Lin Martin

    Venison & onion pie I would call it special reserve pie

  213. Debbie Preston

    Goats cheese and beetroot pie and call it Billy’s Pie

  214. Em S

    It would be a chicken and king prawn pie and I’d call it Peck peck shrimp.

  215. justine meyer

    It would be a marmite pie called Love me or hate me x

  216. Kirsty Young

    It would be steak and marmite pie “my mate pie”
    You will love it or hate it 🙂

  217. Philip Underwood

    It would be a hot dog flavour pie called sizzling hot!

  218. Joanne smith

    I would call it “American pie” and it could be filled with various flavours from around the states, eg chicken with a southern fried crumb

  219. Lauren Stebbings

    Mine would be chicken, bacon and chorizo and it would be called the Chickizo pie. Did consider ‘funky chicken’ but that just sounds like it’s gone off ha ha!

  220. sharon martin

    chicken, bacon & cheese, called a cheesy chicken surprise

  221. jacqui rushton

    It would be tomato, cheese and oregano flavour and it would be called ‘The Italian Stallion’!

  222. Jayne Kelsall

    Lamb, potatoes and sprouts 🙂

  223. Robert Tapson

    Cheese and egg
    Scrambled chegg

  224. Melanie Burton

    Spanish Paella Pie – that has paella in it! Yum!

  225. Susan Williams

    Lamb, carrot and leek – I would call it Merlin’s Magic.

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