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Animal Jam Series 2 Adopt-A-Pet Range

by S1m

Animal Jam has been a huge hit in our house since Christmas when Mini Me opened Season One treats and fell in love with the super cute animals. From there, we progressed to the playing the internationally played game on our tablet.

Animal Jam

Backed by the National Geographic, I love how children can learn facts about animals at the same time as having fun with the free to play game. Mini Me has even clued me up on a few animals facts I never knew before, much to her delight!

However, I am not here to tell you about the game… I’m writing this post to introduce you to the SERIES 2 Adopt-A-Pet Animal Jam toys that are now available to buy!

Animal Jam

Featuring pet character packs with mix and match accessories, pet huts and igloos which are stackable – there are toys in the range that will suit all pocket money budgets.

Animal Jam

We really should have produced a Sim’s Life style unboxing video, however when Mini Me saw the Animal Jam sticker on the box she dived straight in. We have previously added to the collection and found the Animal Jam range in The Entertainer… however the call of Series 2 toys was far too great and it is easy to see why!

Animal Jam

Animal Jam

As cute and collectable as ever before, squeals of ‘I have a limited edition pet’ filled the house. The toys do resemble the animals you play with in the actual game and even I have to admit that they are very cute, each one with a name. In a range of gorgeous colours, there are 106 pets to adopt in the Series 2 igloo range.

Animal Jam

Each Igloo den in the Adopt-A-Pet range comes with a pet character, a water bowl and corresponding accessory and an online game code scratch off to be redeemed with the online game. The range is available from toy retailers such as Smyths and The Entertainer.

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