Our Home. Our City. Our Manchester

I am supposed to be writing a post about the awesome BlogOn conference that took place at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry last Sunday, however I am struggling and this will be my most rambling post ever… because I simply need to word dump.


Our home. Our city.

The shine of Sunday… meeting friends old and new… everything we had worked towards to make it the best BlogOn yet. I should be sharing pictures of the contents of the fantastic goody bags, the bags I helped pack… but for today I really cannot be arsed. This week is going to feel like the longest week ever whilst I try and take everything in.

I am so proud of how Manchester comes together, the support has been phenomenal and it just goes to show how strong we are as a community. The very few who try to rock this boat will never break our spirit. I’m proud to be a Mancunian… the greatest people, inventions, things in general are from Manchester… but most of all, the greatest strength to simply carry on.

Tears have been flowing, many hugs have been given and I have probably told Mini Me I love her a zillion times, but it still feels like it will never be enough. Make hugs last that little bit longer and never stop telling the people closest to you that you love them.

Besides feeling that work was a little too much, I’ve also felt useless today. I think the shock has worn off and now everything about this week is settling in, it somewhat makes it all a lot worse but the usual enthusiastic, smiley Sim will be back to normal again soon! The impulsiveness in me certainly is… I have even seriously considered a Manchester Bee tattoo… it would be my only one, but as expected Chris at our local studio has been inundated with over 100 requests… all donating £50 to help support families and victims affected by this week’s awfulness. A lucky escape but I am so proud that he has no slots available! The support is astounding and seriously heartwarming!

The hours will tick by, the days may fly by, but the people of Manchester will never forget what has happened this week. This is our home. Our community. Our city. Our Manchester.

Tony Walsh‘s recital of his poem ‘This Is The Place’ (written the Forever Manchester charity) at the City Centre vigil on Tuesday evening brought tears to my eyes and I had goosebumps throughout. It was perfectly fitting of Manchester and Mancunians and I couldn’t imagine anyone else reading the poem out. His passion resonated throughout and I have not met one person who was not truly moved. On that note…

Always remember. Never forget. Forever Manchester.

Choose love.

If you wish to help support the families of the victims of the Manchester attack, please visit the We Stand Together Manchester Crowdfunding page set up by the Manchester Evening News, in conjunction with the British Red Cross and donate generously!



  1. Mama Grace says:

    It’s awful. Often we are posted with my husband away from home and my family worries about us but more recently Europe has changed and it’s misleadingly thought to be safe. I would love the world to be safe and full of love and support and with shattering attacks like this, it shatters your belief in humanity but as you say love has and is coming through and that must win. #POCOLO

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    It has been an awful week….
    I have cried so many tears this week but seeing the country come together to support Manchester has been amazing. We will be strong and they won’t beat us.

    • S1m says:

      It has been the longest week ever. One of the victims attended our local village high school and the floral tribute outside is amazing, she was clearly a very much loved young lady. It is beyond heartbreaking and even a week on I am still struggling with words for what happened. Manchester really came together and the support from around the world has been immense, it really has shocked everyone. We will not let it beat us though xxx

    • S1m says:

      We totally kick ass chick – the fighting spirit is always there. Manchester never fails to amaze me – much love chick xx

    • S1m says:

      The anger has now moved to utter pride of how Manchester is coming together. The support has been amazing – it’s the definite fighting spirit which makes me proud to be a Manc! I’ve noticed your posts on FB, we can get through this love, we really can!xxx

  3. HodgePodgeDays says:

    Oh Sim. I think all of us can recognise our feelings in your blog post. I think the disbelief and shock has been the most common feeling. Then anger and compassion as well as pride. Because Manchester makes you proud. You’re not alone and we will never forget xx

    • S1m says:

      Last week was immense, absolutely no concentration levels at all so the post was a complete Hodge Podge but needed to get it all out. I support has been amazing and I am so proud of how Manchester has come together, it helps the heartbreak somewhat. We will never forget at all – much love xxx

  4. Dean says:

    My heart aches- it’s terribly horrifying. I’m just heartbroken that there is such hate out there in the world and that hate spilled over onto innocent people having a good time. It’s terrible.
    However, I am lifted by hearing all the stories of kindness, it’s heartwarming to know that there is good and kindness. Your home sounds like such a caring place, I was in awe of the way everyone pulled together for each other.
    Sending big virtual hugs!! -Dean

  5. Sarah Howe says:

    Bless it must be so real especially if you live there. Just horrific events. I hope writing this down helped to clear your mind a little. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    • S1m says:

      It definitely did, it was a very cathartic post to write. I couldn’t write that week, I just didn’t have the energy but felt I needed to write something xx

  6. Alana - Burnished Chaos says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to write about BlogOn either, despite the amazing time I had. It all just paled in significance to the horror that followed the next night. I think it’s an event that will hang heavy on all our hearts for a very long time x

    • S1m says:

      I am always knackered after BlogOn anyway so always take a couple of days to write about it but that whole week was taken off. We need to remember the event for all the right reasons though! x

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