The Simple Way To Weather Proof Your Summer BBQs

The temperatures are set to soar for the end of May Bank Holiday so what better time to venture out into your garden for a BBQ?

We do not tend to have many opportunities in which to take full advantage of the weather in order to dine al fresco, with some hardcore people even attempting to set up BBQ’s in the rain, but there are plenty of easier options.

BBQ weather

If you are the type who likes to enjoy cook outside whatever the weather, there are always solutions which will ensure a dryer Chef when the feast is ready…

BBQ weather


Great for keeping you dry when the rain is beating down and also for keeping you in the shade when the glorious sun is shining. However the fiddling around manoeuvring the parasol and then finding storage space to house it when the gales are blowing can be quite tiresome.

BBQ weather


Offering awesome coverage, just make sure the sides are down so that there is adequate ventilation to cook your food under cover. You can certainly fit more people under a gazebo and they are wonderful for parties, very much like adding another room to your property. For all the advantages of the extra space, the downside is erecting a gazebo and then collapsing it and bagging it afterwards. Always ensure that instructions are retained in a safe place as it is guaranteed people will forget how to use the gazebo!

BBQ weather


This is a totally new concept to me and has totally changed my dreams and ideas of how I would like to transform my house. What is a Portico though? Simply put, it is a roof supported by columns and is attached to your house. Acting as more than just a shelter, it offers shelter all year round,  can offer a huge area of covered space and you do not need to worry about taking it down and storing! What is there not to love?

So yes, for those that love to enjoy the elements, there are always options on weatherproofing your BBQs!


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