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Am I The Only Person Annoyed By The Latest Samsung Update?

by S1m

If you rely on a Samsung mobile phone, you will totally understand my frustration with the latest software update for 2017! Not only has the interface changed but I am also having to re-teach my phone my most used choice phrases… that’s when predictive text doesn’t take over. Messages are forever littered with typos and random words and the rate at which I apologise and correct myself has increased at a rate of knots… my own fault for typing too quickly and pressing send no doubt, however I am still blaming the Samsung update.

I’m not known for my patience and I have found myself looking at new phones, because another year wait for an upgrade with a temperamental phone will be somewhat uncomfortable.


Even though I amloyal to Samsung, I have been seeking out recommendations for phones and mobile operators, to look at swapping mid contract. It may seem a little extreme, however my phone really is that hard to use at the moment.

I am hoping my recent decision to upgrade to fibre broadband will alleviate my WiFi connectivity issues at the very least, but does anyone else find sorting technological issues tedious? The age old ‘turn it off and on again after 10 seconds’ solution is still widely used by tech departments… though surely that is the first thing we are all programmed to do these days anyway?!

With the squeals that accompanied a dial up connection almost forgotten now, I really cannot complain much these days, especially as download speeds of 77mbs were quoted at me for fibre. The world of technology is an odd place and if you have ever watched the series Silicon Valley then you understand just how odd! It is my new guilty pleasure and definitely worth a watch – anything that has me chuckling aloud is a winner!

For now, I shall keep battling away with mobile data whilst (not so) patiently waiting for an upgrade. Has anyone else found they have suffered with the latest Samsung update?

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