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Why Bunk Beds Make Great Space Savers In Bedrooms

by S1m
Save space with bunk beds

If your home is anything like mine, then the list of DIY and decorating chores that need to be started will be endless!

The first room I am attempting to tackle this summer is Mini Me’s in order to bring it in line with her age and the fact she now has more homework to complete. A desk is definitely the answer to that problem, however finding the space to include a new piece of furniture is a stumbling block.

The number of toys dotted around the room has increased tenfold over the years and I can presume this is the same of any child’s bedroom. Storage towers are great for hiding away vast amounts of toys and cuddly bears, however what happens when the drawers are filled to the brim?

If you have more than one child, then I salute you as I can only imagine that space is at an ultimate premium, but how can this be solved?

Save space with bunk beds

Bunk Beds are a great space saver in any child’s bedroom and with lots of styles and funky designs available to suit any requirements. Whether you have one child who requires a desk and added drawers under their bunk bed or even two children whereby bunk beds would really be a space saver and it is definitely something I am considering.

Even with one child though, bunk beds enable sleepovers to be much easier than normal. I am forever forgetting where I have stored the blow up beds and I gave up on ever finding my electric pump a very long time ago!

The only downside to bunk beds are the potential arguments of who will take the top bunk, the fact you have to climb up a ladder to the top bunk is always an exciting bonus!

If you are considering bunk beds as an option in your home, then why not check out the latest Room To Grow Competition, ending on Friday 30th June, for your chance to win the gorgeous Solitaire white bunk bed in the image above?

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