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Using Lighting To Create The Illusion Of Space In A Small Bathroom

by S1m
Creating space in a small bathroom

Currently in a home improvement mode, a recent post detailed how bunk beds can be a great space saver in a child’s bedroom but now I shall move onto the importance of creating light in a small bathroom.

There are many benefits to having a white coloured bathroom suite aside from the fact it will be a better selling point for a property and is truly timeless.

The greatest advantage is the lighter colour helping to reflect the light, especially when natural light is minimal or if you have a bathroom without a window. Decorating your bathroom with white paint or tiles will also add to effect of more space in your bathroom.

Lighting is also another interior design trick to use when creating the illusion of more space in a small bathroom, or indeed any room.

By not cluttering a windowsill more natural light will filter into the room, however if this is not an option then you will find that mirrors work absolute miracles. Floor to ceiling mirrors would a brilliant option for reflecting light and making the room feel so much spacious. Rimless mirrors over framed will continue the reflection of light without any restrictions.Creating space in a small bathroomIf you are unable to install such large mirrors in the space available, then smaller wall mirrors with lights such as the Clarino mirror from Lumino.

The mirror has LED battery lighting meaning easy installation and no need for any additional wiring. So easy to install that even I could complete that job!

Bathroom mirror creating space

Using artificial lighting will totally maximise light and space in a small bathroom, with spotlights dotted across ceilings being a great lighting option. Try to be as minimalist as you can with clutter and utilise storage cabinets to help keep surfaces clear, with cabinet mirrors such as the Sonata (pictured above) being a great storage feature.

Taking all the crafty tips into consideration, you can drastically increase the illusion of space in your small bathroom and you will be amazed by the results.

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle June 24, 2017 - 1:09 pm

That does look great actually and it’s not much different to the size of my bathroom – some great tips, cheers Sim! 🙂


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